What was the client expecting from Perception System?

The Client was looking for a Web & Mobile App Development Company that can develop a Beauty Salon Management App and Portal for their Salon Business in Switzerland.

How did Perception System evaluate the client’s needs?

The client selected “Perception System” as their Web & Mobile Technology partner, to develop a beauty salon website & mobile app.

The main challenge for us was to analyze this entire new concept, understand each aspect of the system, its work flow, all the core functions and relationships between each key entity being participated across the networks.

Perception system approached the client with the best User Interface explicitly designed for the Customers, hence the UI & UX had to be easy to use with straightforward navigation with swift & smooth workflow.

Genuine Approach Taken by Perception System for The Salon Management System


We have allocated our BA team to analyze the client’s requirements. In the beginning, our software development team analyzed the concept hypothetically. Afterward, we have closely inspected the entire process.

Project Planning

Based on our findings, we created flow diagrams for the entire workflow and planned the project development process by defining technical implementations.

Project Architecture

Web architectures at Perception System have defined the entire back-end application architecture for database synchronization, and the front-end architecture with navigation, modules, and data interactions.

Wireframe & Prototypes

After several attempts and meetings with the client-side team, our web application designers have prepared wireframes and prototypes citing all possible workflow diagrams, navigation, and data flows.

Designing & Programming

After getting final approval from the client for prototypes, we have started final designing of the interface, UI elements, and various modules for all five web portals with required coding for interactions and integrations. We tested the modules on each stage and completion of each milestone.

How We Reached the End-to-End Solution for Client?

The journey toward end-to-end solutions was full of challenges. However, our dedication towards the goals led us to deliver the solution successfully, as well as within the prescribed timeline & budget.

Development Methodology

The journey toward end-to-end solutions was full of challenges. However, our dedication towards the goals led us to deliver the solution successfully, as well as within the prescribed timeline & budget.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

We have adopted BDD approaches to bring collaboration between client-side teams across the various branches and web development team along with seamless communications.


We broke down the entire development process using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) methodologies to address almost all requirements of client-organization.


We have designed a common back-end system by inclusion of all functions and features to address the needs of each domain.


We have built front-ends and a back-end using capabilities of core PHP as well as APIs integrations.

Support & Maintenance

We have committed for long-term support and maintenance with a feasible plan signed up by the client.

Striking Features


Web Development


Mobile App Development

Technologies We Used


  • cake php


  • html-5


  • mysql


  • ajax


  • jquery


iOS App Development

  • c-sharp


  • xml


  • json


Android App Development

  • android

    Android SDK

  • xml


  • json


Final Result

Milestones & Deliverables

We have decided milestones and deliverables with the consent of the client and delivered the web & Mobile App in the continuous delivery model.


We have implemented the entire scope of work which has been working as per client’s requirements and expectations. From the first day client has launched this solution, he has been getting good number of customers and the appointments have been increasing day by day. Below are the statistics on the current day.

Over 1000 Customers
Over 8000 Appointments so far


The Client was very pleased with our service and support throughout. He is gaining the customers and growing his business at reaching to next level. Coboma is becoming one of the finest solutions across the country.