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10 Programming Skills That Lands You in Your Dream Job


Every programmer dreams of getting job in Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other high profile company.

If you really want to work for your dream company, then you have to learn some popular programming skills.

Recent days, it is quite difficult to get hired by your dream company due to huge competitions. So, you must learn below-given programming skills to be in competition.

Programming is not an easy task as we think. It requires patience and hard work. Nowadays, the role of programmers also increases, whether it is a networking, database, Software Company, or any other modern domain.

Thus, you can have a chance to work in your favorite industry as well. You could also write programs for video games, build software and write for the educational site.

Those people, who have knowledge of any programming language, can get their dream job with ease. There are many programming languages to learn, below are the list.



Java is one of the best general Purpose class based object oriented programming languages that owned by Oracle Inc. Java Programming Language always on the beginning of the top of the list notwithstanding security loop-holes. However, we have seen decline in demand about 11% compare to the last quarter

Stable Release : Java Standard Edition 8, Update 40

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Being a general purpose dynamic Interpreted Language, Perl is a high-level language that designed by Larry Wall. Perl grows about 9% compare to the last quarter and secured its place at 4th number.

Latest Stable Release: 5.20.2



C is another well-known general Purpose programming Languages that used to re-implement the Unix operating system at Bell Labs.

Talking about C++, it is also a general-purpose interpretive object oriented programming Language and C# is a multi-paradigm, object-oriented class-based programming language.

No data for each of them is available, but when all three are combined then comes at second place. It also shown the growth of about 2% compared to last quarter.

Stable Release : C – C 11, C++ – ISO/IEC 14882:2014, C# – 5.0



Python was designed by Guido van Rossum, is another general purpose high-level programming language that grows about 7% as compared to last year and positioned at third number.

Latest Stable Release: 3.4.3



PHP is another well-known programming language that used in web development by many developers. However, it shows the decline in demand about 0.2% compare to the last quarter and make its position at 5th place.

Latest Stable Release: 5.6.7



JavaScript is an interactive and dynamic computer programming language that used in web browsers for client side scripting. No matter, it is trendy frameworks like the JSON data interchange standard or jQuery, companies are looking for JavaScript-focused talent. This language stands on the 6th position by increasing its demand about 3%.

Latest Stable Release: 1.8.5

Embedded Development skills

Embedded Development Skills has enjoyed about 12% increase in demand compare to the last quarter. It is an evergreen topic positioned at seventh place.

Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails is better known as rails. It is an open source web application framework that written in ruby Programming Language. It is the most demandable language that enjoyed about 27% compare to the last quarter. It secured its position at 8th number.

Latest Stable Release: 4.2.1



Devops (DEVelopment + OperationS) is a software development method that is the best combination of integration, automation, communication, collaboration, and cooperation. In this list, DevOps comes at 9th number with increase in demand by 13.51%.

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HTML5 Experiments

Hyper Text Markup Language is the most popular standard markup language that used for developing web pages. It secured its place on 10th position due to decline in demand by 12%.

Latest release: HTML 5

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