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7 Best Auction Plugins for WordPress (2021)

An auction plugin facilitates e-commerce sales on your website by creating a marketplace and running online auctions on it like eBay and Webstore. With the kind of market share that these websites carry it seems to be difficult to compete with these leading auction websites. However, it is very easy to run auctions on your website if you develop it through the WordPress plugins development technique.

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Choosing an auction plugin is very important in WordPress development for your e-commerce website. That is why let’s have a glance at the 7 best auction plugins for WordPress in 2021: –

YITH Woo Commerce Auction

YITH Woo Commerce Auction is very popular among WordPress website development companies as it enables the creation of an eBay-like website in a span of minutes. It is very easy to use and you can choose the type of products you want to auction through it. You can also add minimum and maximum bidding amounts, reserve price, bid increments, and many other things through it. The plugin is a part of the WordPress, WooCommerce family and you can find unique features like auction settings, email notifications, and payment gateways in it.

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Ultimate WordPress Auctions

This plugin enables you to develop a very well-designed WordPress website without any technical knowledge. The configuration is easy and support is provided whenever you need it. It is available in two plans: the free plan the premium plan. The free plan helps you setup your website and place a bidding feature on it whereas the premium plan offers more options to your bidding criteria and categorizing bidding features that are unique by themselves.

WP Auctions

Another easy solution to run auctions on your website is WP Auctions. It allows you to systematically add auctions to your site, add bids to it, set starting price and date, and then you just need to wait for the bids to come in for your product. You can add a created auction to a post, page, sidebar widget, or your custom WordPress theme on your website by simply adding a template tag.

Auction Nudge

Imagine you have an eBay account through which you purchase and sell products on your website. But, what would happen if you want to display and sell your products on another website? This plugin might be the answer to that. The installation of this plugin takes little or no time and effort and you can display 100 products per page with filter options to choose from. So, if you want to display your eBay profile on your WordPress WooCommerce store auction nudge might be the best auction platform for you.

WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce simple auctions plugin is created with an aim to ease auction relation issues on your WordPress auction site. It has got some unique features like easy integration with WooCommerce, automatic auction relisting, different icons, and a custom theme to choose from. It makes your process easy and helps you earn commission by allowing retailers to sell products on your WordPress WooCommerce website.

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Auction Plugin is a kind of plugin that can be used virtually on any website looking to establish a virtual marketplace. There are 4 types of auctions you can create through these plugins namely standard, automatic, incremental, and reserve. These types of auction allow the user to customize and tweak the platform in favor of their business to suit their needs.  On the buyer end, they can automatically place bids if someone outbids them, or receive an email about outbidding, and yes they can also get notifications if the auction which they are following has ended. From the buyer’s perspective, this seems to be the best plugin type.

WP eBay Products Feed

WP eBay Products Feed allows you to easily fetch details about your eBay auctions on your WordPress website. This auction plugin can typically be very useful for sellers that are selling on eBay and WordPress WooCommerce platform at the same time. It helps you to build your reputation with your user as it shows that you are a reliable, active, and trustworthy seller. To use it, enter your eBay ID and convert it into the RSS feed after that you can choose how do you want your products to be displayed here.

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