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Laravel vs NodeJS: Which One You Should Opt for in 2022

Laravel vs NodeJS – The Never-Ending Battle of Winning the Title of Best Framework For Businesses

There are various programming and scripting languages in the world of web development. These programming and scripting languages can be used for web development, mobile application development, web APIs, or any other internet-based facility. Various frameworks are available for developers to take leverage and start their development journey.

The special built-in features of these frameworks make the whole development process less time-consuming and provide faster development turnaround time for web applications. A huge number of frameworks are available in the open market. In this blog post, we have tried to compare the two most popular frameworks in development i.e. Laravel and Node.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source, PHP-based framework used usually for developing web applications. Developed by Tailor Otwell in 2011 it follows a model-view architectural pattern based on symphony which does not have an IO model. For web development in sectors like careers, education, shopping, and many other website categories Laravel is the most popular PHP framework often used by developers.

Laravel holds a 0.37% market share in the category of all web development frameworks. Let’s now examine the pros and cons of using Laravel for web development.


  • For PHP-based web developers, Laravel is the best framework to use.
  • Laravel development companies use Laravel as it is quick and easy to understand.
  • It is based on an MVC template, which removes the need to write HTML codes for the website.
  • Laravel development service allows you to fast testing and automation for your website.
  • It comes with a built-in templating engine to support the creation of smooth and effective website layouts.
  • Laravel works with the updated MVC frameworks rather than classic architecture where developers need to write both HTML and PHP in one file.


  • Laravel lacks built-in software and requires third-party integration.
  • It is extremely a slow framework and programmers need to be professional PHP developers to use it.
  • Laravel has very little community support compared to other frameworks.
  • The framework is still in the development phase and composers are not as good as Node, Python or Ruby Jems.
  • Methods included in the reverse routing process are extremely complex in Laravel.
  • Legacy systems cannot get easily transferred to Laravel.

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What is Node JS?

Just like Laravel, Node is also an open-source framework for web development. Node’s run-time is based on Google Chrome’s Runtime Engine. Node executes JavaScript outside the browser. Node’s cross-platform environment enables the building of server-side applications. Node comes with in-built JavaScript programs that can be run on iOS, Linux Microsoft Windows within Node.js runtime.

In 2020 alone, more than 51% of web developers regarded Node.js as the most used tool compared to other frameworks. Let’s now try to understand the pros and cons of Node in brief.


  • .js runs on a single thread yet it has the request to serve the capabilities of various clients.
  • Node can perform effectively which constructing API’s.
  • A single code on Node runs correctly on both clients as well as the server’s side.
  • It provides huge group and community support.
  • Node comes with an outstanding package manager.
  • This framework makes it easy to handle fast and consequent requests from the users.


  • Programming on Node is asynchronous which is considered by many developers to be difficult to operate.
  • .js does not consist of a dedicated library for finishing tasks and you need to rely on third-party libraries for performing your tasks.
  • On the basis of a relational database, Node is very tough.
  • Node is single-threaded and does not work on CPU-intensive devices.

Laravel v/s NodeJS (a comparison)

Laravel and Node both of these PHP frameworks come with their own sets of features and capabilities. It totally depends on your decided outcomes with your web development venture that which framework are you going to use. If you want to avoid the hustle of third-party integrations for your website’s security and design requirements then you can use Laravel. Convinced enough to build your website on Laravel? We suggest hiring a Laravel development company. But, if your aim is to create lightweight, efficient, and performance-based websites and mobile applications then you can hire Node developers for your web development needs.

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