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What makes Laravel the most Popular PHP Framework in 2022?

What makes Laravel the most Popular PHP Framework in 2021_

Hypertext Preprocessor popularly known as PHP is one of the oldest, most popular, and widely – used open-source scripting languages where scripts are executed from a server. In PHP frameworks Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. This article discusses the Laravel PHP framework in detail and tries to explore why Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks to use in web development for 2022.

There are several PHP  frameworks according to the Google Trends PHP frameworks list in 2022. Choosing the right PHP  framework for your project is one of the most difficult aspects observed at the beginning of the project. On the basis of the trend in the Google  Trends PHP frameworks list for 2022, we could see that Laravel based frameworks and Laravel development services are gaining huge popularity amongst clients as well as developers.

What is Laravel PHP Framework? 

Google Trends PHP frameworks

PHP Frameworks are used in order to develop efficient and effective web applications. There are many types of PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Codelgniter, Cake PHP, Zend, etc. As per Google Trends results of most popular frameworks, Laravel appears to be one of the most popular as shown in the graph below:

The most popular framework among them here is Laravel which is an open-source PHP web development framework developed and perpetuated by Taylor Otwell. He attempted to provide one advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework. Although, the architectural patterns of Laravel are majorly based on Symfony.

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Why is Laravel the most popular PHP framework in 2022?

We will now try to dig deeper into understanding the reasons why Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks amongst web and app developers in 2022. Below are 5 key features of the Laravel PHP framework which are gaining popularity in 2022

MVC Support

Laravel is complemented by a Model – View – Controller (MVC) architectural pattern which is what makes it the most user-friendly and easy to use framework for PHP developers. That is why Laravel is one of the most desirable frameworks to develop web and business applications for small and medium-sized businesses.

Laravel follows a Model, View, and Controller base architectural pattern which makes this PHP framework more expressive and beautiful supported by a syntax. That is the reason why Laravel is one of the most object-oriented PHP frameworks which proves to be very effective while working on large projects where people have to deal with a lot of unstructured code. Using MVC support system in Laravel simplifies the coding structure of your web applications and makes your work easy.

Automatic Package System

When it comes to package systems in web and mobile applications, one can argue that there are several kinds of interfaces that help you keep your data securely in a single place with the purpose of being accessed easily. With, Laravel there is an automatic package choosing system that helps you detect potential packages that your user wants to use and install. This feature can be used to disable several unwanted features of your Laravel package.

Once you have chosen your package for discovery, Laravel shall automatically register the connected service providers and facades when they are installed which creates an installation experience that is convenient for your package.


Online privacy, security, data protection, and data management issues change around the world from country to country. That is why it becomes very important that the web application you develop is safe and secure to use according to these norms. To promote data protection and privacy, Laravel frameworks make use of hashed passwords and SQL Injections to keep the data of the user safe and secure.

Some of the most popular security features offered by Laravel are user authentication and configuration, password storage, manual user login systems, password reset, and data encryption.

Object-Oriented Libraries

PHP frameworks other than Laravel do not provide pre-installed object-oriented libraries. The most popular pre-installed object-oriented library in Laravel is the Authentication library. The Authentication library at Laravel comes with a wide range of advanced-level features like password reset, cross-site request forgery encryption and protection, checking the number and activity of active users, and Bcrypt hashing.


Laravel provides the option of Unit Testing. There are several types of methodology that help the user to conveniently perform testing of the application. The Laravel PHP framework provides a by default testing application framework which can enable unit testing of an application. Moreover, there are several other kinds of tests that can be performed for protection against unexpected breakdowns, errors, and freezing of the application when a new update is introduced by the developer of the code.

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Despite being very user-friendly, the Laravel PHP framework comes with its own sets of limitations when you develop your application using this platform. To overcome these limitations it is strongly recommended by experts that you get your website developed by a professional Laravel development company that provides Laravel development services in alignment with your requirements and your services.