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Why use Laravel to Develop Faster Web-Based apps?

Why use Laravel to develop faster web-based apps

PHP Frameworks have now become extremely essential to web development. In simple terms, a PHP framework provides platforms for web developers to create PHP-based web applications. They contain libraries with pre-packaged functions and classes along with some added elements for software design and realization.

The popular belief amongst web developers is that PHP as a web development language is dead which is not true as some of the big names in the tech industry like Facebook and Google use PHP for their web and app development frameworks. According to a survey, 79% of websites on the internet use PHP as a web development framework. One of the most popular PHP frameworks is Laravel. There are overall 1,08,045 websites using Laravel on the internet.

With an increasing number of websites using Laravel the demand for Laravel development services is on the rise. There are several Laravel development companies that have been incorporated that provide end-to-end support in Laravel web development services. In this article, we will try to explore what are the types of web applications for which Laravel is the most suitable web development PHP framework.

Types of web applications that can be built best while using Laravel PHP framework

Laravel is an open-source, developer-friendly, expressive, and easy-to-understand PHP framework. This form of a PHP framework is among the most trending PHP frameworks in the Google Trends on PHP frameworks list. It supports easy website development by assisting developers with the thinking and planning process of building an entire website from scratch in a structured and pragmatic manner. This language of a PHP framework is the one that saves a lot of time and energy for the developers through its various features designed specially keeping in mind the needs of the web developer.

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Patient Portal

One of the best types of web apps where Laravel can be used is the patient portal in the healthcare industry. Patient portals are online registration and payment facilities where patients do not have to wait for long hours in queues for registration and bill payment. The healthcare industry has to deal with sensitive data, manage patient records for years and deal with protected health information about them. With the seamless user-experience feature, low maintenance, high data security, and seamless traffic management systems Laravel can be the best PHP framework for developing a patient portal type of web applications.

EHR Application

Electronic Health Record (or EHR) systems are a digital version of a patient’s history previously maintained on paper. They contain the medical history of a patient entirely on paper which can be used by the healthcare professionals to identify the most suitable treatment for the patient in alignment with their underlying physical or mental conditions. As the volume of data is higher in EHR applications, Laravel based web applications complemented by various built-in web applications and efficient load management and debugging capabilities could prove to be a game-changer in this field.

Workflow and Document Management Systems

With work going remote work process flow and management of confidential data and documents has become quite crucial. Moreover, work and document management systems are something that requires the user to incorporate necessary changes with the passage of time as the dynamics of remote working keep changing. Laravel development services make the maximum use of MVC architecture which provides enterprises with several built-in functionalities while developing their web-based applications.

The biggest advantage of this MVC architecture in Laravel is that it provides a better process of document management compared to other PHP frameworks which are ideal for workflow and document management systems.

Marketplace and Auction Platforms

Online marketplaces and auction platforms are places where the real-time purchase, sales, and auction of a particular item happens with a start price. The audience participates in the bidding or purchasing process by placing the highest bids until no more bids are received and negotiating the price with the seller on these platforms. The challenge in these web-based marketplaces is to broadcast the real-time information from the server to the client.

Here Laravel Echo could prove to be very helpful to create a whole new level of architecture in managing these online marketplaces and auction platforms. Laravel based websites take database management to a whole new level by simplifying the database management process on the server and thus becoming the most used technology for creating these types of web apps.

Why Choose Laravel framework to Develop faster Web Applications?

There are multiple reasons for this like Laravel supports making single page web applications, has an open-source API management system that helps in developing state-of-the-art APIs, supports more web development languages, and has several added security and authentication features which are totally user-friendly. This is why some of the leading and the fastest web applications on the internet are developed using Laravel.

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Some closing thoughts…

Laravel is currently the most trending PHP framework as per the Google Trends of PHP Frameworks. Its coding style, structure, updates, and all other features are very easy to understand and project friendly which is why a lot of Laravel development companies prefer using it. If you are looking for any kind of Laravel development services with an experienced Laravel development team then get in touch with one of our expert advisors at Perception System.