How Technology Is Revolutionising The Food Delivery Business

How Technology Is Revolutionising The Food Delivery Business

With modern smart devices and food distribution businesses, consumer demand is on the rise. Remember that often competitors are willing to provide delicious food cheaper, faster and better customer experience. That’s why we’ve equipped you with these innovative online food delivery technologies to enhance your food delivery service.

Millennials food delivery

Technology is impressively contributing to the food’s journey from farm to fork. Food delivery a crucial phase in this process. The competitiveness of food enterprises is closely linked to their ability to implement new technologies. So, what’s the driving force behind ‘food tech? It is the Millennials.

However, technology over the years has changed how we produce and find our food through mobile apps and data processing techniques. Perception System zooms in on the most promising food delivery web applications by integrating data technology and novel processing techniques.

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The Rise of food Delivery Apps 

As of March 2020, food delivery service experienced a 512% growth in the first quarter, according to the recent study. Following to the coronavirus pandemic that has made consumers practice social distancing and go for stay-at-home orders, food delivery business is expected to grow further 509% until the end of 2020.

Consumers are now inching towards the convenience, user-friendly and hassle-free approach of online food ordering technology. They consumers already ordered food amounting to $30 billion in 2015 and the coronavirus pandemic has created favorable circumstances to the demand. More and more restaurants have begun partnering with food delivery services or want to build a food delivery mobile app to server their regular customers.
The following millennials food delivery apps have entirely changed the way we consume food.


Just like the name itself suggests, it delivers ready to serve meals to consumers across the US. The company’s facility makes it available to serve meals. It became the number of food company after partnering with FedEx for home deliveries throughout the US.


Launched in 2014, it allows consumers to customize their preferences and offers recommendations for their nearby deliveries, favorite foods and quick meals. This filter has gathered proper attention of food lovers.


It is a meal kit service, incepted in 2012 with a concept of serving high-end grocery chains. Soon they launched an Android food delivery app, making them a number one portal for food services.

Convenience- order food on the go

Convenience and quality are the two aspects why consumers want to use food delivery app. The above food delivery apps have opened up a new horizon to the food industry, serving consumers and restaurants. Right from takeaways to home delivery, directly from ordering from phone to ordering from the mobile app, consumers want convenience and hassle-free services. Ordering from mobile apps is the next significant trends for food delivery services.

A personalized approach

As these food apps are now a big part of our daily lives., they are gaining the loyalty of consumers, and thus, there comes the role of a personalized approach. With a personalized plan, the customers can track their food right from the delivery, following the delivery boy and even call him through the app.

Although, it looks simple, knowing the time of the food delivery and who is delivering the food makes a significantly better impact and earns customer’s loyalty. Here are a few types of personalized approach for food delivery app:

Push notification

Push notification right on the notification bar of the consumer’s phone makes a significantly positive impact and makes the app stand out.

Personalized message

Creating a personalized message based on the consumer’s previous purchases can help you enhance decision making.

Customized interface

Let the users customize their preferences according to their tastes, favorite food and favorite restaurant.

AI integration

In the recent years, artificial intelligence is steadily being embraced by the food delivery platforms due to the changing behavior of their customers. By integrating AI and machine learning techniques, they can minimize potential errors and enhance the user experience. AI can be highly beneficial not only for restaurants for displaying food but also for creating an unforgettable customer experience.

AI can be used by the restaurants to predict further food demands based on input data.

They tend to deliver a more personalized experience with the help of AI

AI enhance decision-making chances and affect quick order decisions.

Food delivery Trends to look out for in 2020

With the advancement of technologies, online food service industry are no longer restricted, serving their customers through man force. They can speed up their deliveries, maintain a lower cost of operations by integrating their deliveries with parachutes, robots, and drones.


In 2016, Dominos delivered two pizzas to a customer in less than 5 minutes. Deliveries through drones can avoid traffic and thus reduced delivery time, saving operational costs for the companies.


Combined with AI and self-driving cars, Starship technologies have created droids for delivering food in the UK. These six-wheeled droids can run up to 4 kilometres per hour within a 10-kilometre radius. Furthermore, it is supported with GPS for navigation, Cameras and ethernet to stay connected with the customers.


Also known as a float-down eatery, it enables customers to wait in the drop-off location marked with an X at the specific time and catch their food. This is also an innovative approach to food delivery.

Food delivery apps-Beyond innovation

Many food delivery businesses have focused on future demands of food apps. You may have seen vegan food app, organic food app, healthy food app and app that delivers junk food. Food delivery apps have broken many barriers to fight off the intense competition. Many new niches are getting limelight due to their interactive approach towards food delivery.

Waste food collection app

Food delivery apps can address global food wastage. A suitable app can help the restaurant, grocery stores and wedding venues to get rid of leftovers and deliver it to the people in need. Food for All is one of its kind, connecting restaurant, cafes and wedding caterers to provide their food at half of the rate. In this way, anyone can have a complete mean at just about $2.

Pet food delivery app

In 2018, this lucrative industry was worth $71 billion. Nearly 67% of Americans own a pet, and more than 41% of them buy pet food online, as per the statistics. Amongst them, home delivery is very much accessible due to convenience, customised and healthy eating.

Virtual kitchen app

This concept is unique as the customers can sneak into the kitchen virtually. It creates loyalty and enhances customer satisfaction rate. Besides, it maintains the interest of potential customers. On the other note, this is also beneficial to the food delivery landscape as they can focus on product development and recognize the most popular meals in their targeted locations.

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Create your hunger game with Perception 

Online food delivery industry is finding their delight that customers are hungry for such services. Industry growth rates have also skyrocketed as millions of customers are willing to tap their smartphones rather than going out. Thus, online food delivery is having a significant impact on the lifestyle and ordering psychology of the consumers.

To compete, all you need is to invest in the right food delivery app. Perception System has addressed business and operational loopholes of many enterprises and small and medium scale businesses. With sustainable solutions, food delivery businesses can achieve their desired goals within the customer’s perspectives and preferences.

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