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Top 10 Things to Look Before Selecting Software Development Company


There are some folks feeling afraid to hire native software developers as they charge huge amount and take enough months for completing projects. Moreover, they haven’t enough experience to evaluate requirements of project and deliver accordingly. On other side, hiring abroad software developers consider good investment. No matter what type of developer you want to hire for your project, it is must to consider below 10 things before hiring them.

Years of Relevant Experience

Firstly, one should have to make inquiry about experience of developer while hiring for your development project. It is must to have ability of operating professional capacity. Additionally, if you are looking for professional support, ensure that developers should have enough knowledge of its features.

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Client reviews and testimonials

Taking tour of company’s official website is must while you are searching professional company for your development project. Now, what next step you have to follow is read client reviews and testimonials to gather idea about company’s profile and know how they are delivering final outcome. Reading reviews about the company gives you fair idea about service’s quality, delivery time and information about experts as well. It would be best to ask contact information of previous clients to cross-check the information provided on the website.

Knowledge of latest market trends

Having knowledge of latest technology is must, if you are giving your project to developer’s hands. Ask him or her whether or not he/she is comfortable about working with all the sophisticated software systems. Before hiring software developer make sure to ask whether or not they have a professional Microsoft certified partner, who can able to handle all types of Microsoft applications.

Communication Ability

While hiring software professional, make sure to ask about the communication modes through which they provide information about your entire development task after completing particular phrase of development. Moreover, with strong communication level, you can provide details of your project.

Soft skills

Apart from development experience, it is must for every programmer to have good command over written and oral communications to maintain excellent relation with project-leader. If any developer/programmer lacks such type of skills, it would be hard for them to survive in the market.

Training Is Must

It totally doesn’t matter how qualified software developer you are choosing for your project, it is must to provide him training for new software. Your appointed engineer should have to be familiar with the software setup at your office. Moreover, if you are thinking to plan for introducing new software, it is must for developer to be aware of development related aspects.

Troubleshooting capabilities

This is another important aspect you have to consider while you are hiring Microsoft certified partner for your project. Your chosen developer has knowledge of solving trouble that occurs at the time of development. Additionally, ensure to make contact with developer round the clock for emergency needs.

Development Fees

This is one of the most important points that you have to consider while hiring software Development Company. At the time of searching company, do some research and compare more than two companies before hiring the best one. You can evaluate their professional knowledge, services on offer, and hidden charges while hiring software developer.

Whether to choose full time developer or part time?
Most importantly, you have to decide whether to go for full time hire professional development company or appoint part time or hourly basis developer. This thing would be decided concerning your project size and other related things.

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It is most important that your hired developer have ability to take responsibility of managing all application and system at your office. Moreover, you also have to be sure that he/she doesn’t delegate any of his/her tasks to third party agencies.

So, above are top ten things that everyone should consider while hiring Software Development Company or developer for their project.