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WordPress VIP: A Detailed Hosting Guide for Your Next Website

WordPress VIP is a cloud-based WordPress hosting services designed for enterprise-level firms. It is a high-end platform that caters to enterprise needs regarding security, support, flexibility, scalability, and multiple technologies to achieve your business goals. Facebook, New York Post, Deadline, VentureBeat are some of the giants using WordPress VIP as their hosting solution. 

WordPress.com has already hosted millions of sites throughout the Internet. But WordPress VIP was launched to serve the websites with higher profiles and massive traffic, offering them additional flexibility with premium services. Generally, it is designed for sites that get millions of views every month. 

Unlike WordPress.com and WordPress.org, hosting facilities for WordPress VIP is very different. As it is designed for the premium members with premium services, you need to register to get the hosting services. We at Perception System are here to help you with your hosting requirements when it comes to getting enterprise-level WordPress. 

What is WordPress VIP?

wordpress vip

WordPress VIP is a high-end, managed WordPress hosting platform aimed to target large-scale and enterprise level WordPress websites. It is considered the fastest, most secured, and hassle-free WordPress hosting you can buy. Apart from the WordPress VIP hosting price, it has rigorous coding standards and processes that are not suitable for most companies.

Why do you need to use the WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP is a great hosting plan designed to manage high-traffic volume without compromising performance and security. It is suitable for enterprises having high traffic with tens of millions of page views every month. Here are some of the top brands using WordPress VIP –

  • TechCrunch;
  • Spotify
  • Quartz
  • US Today
Enterprise WordPress

How much does WordPress VIP cost?

WordPress VIP pricing is unknown as the website does not have any public pricing page. Our expertise and research show that the WordPress VIP hosting plan might range from $5,000 to $30,000 per month for up to 5 websites with a minimum set up fee of $5,000 per site. The WordPress VIP prince will also include bandwidth, unlimited storage, CND, and dedicated customer support. 

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Benefits of WordPress VIP

A high traffic content-rich website is very critical to manage. Here are some of the benefits that are associated with the WordPress VIP. 

Fully managed WordPress

WordPress VIP is beyond a managed WordPress hosting platform, as it also offers versatile services like,

  • Proactive security and scanning
  • Automated hourly backups for data protection
  • Custom code for third party plugins
  • Timely performance monitoring
  • Automatic scaling to handle massive traffic
  • Automatic update of core software

WordPress VIP is like having your very own development team taking care of everything for you without any downtime to your website. 

Planning and training

Every WordPress VIP plan starts with a detailed strategy and assessment of your website. The WordPress VIP team will work with your team to review your needs and what your requirements are. You are allowed to pick up the website design and WordPress VIP plugins for your project. 

The WordPress VIP team will also review every line of code if you want a custom website design. The same quality standard goes to the third-party plugins and all custom codes that ensure excellent compatibility and enhanced coding standards. 

Besides checking the codes, the team will also train your developers about the specifications of Platform, security, and performance. The training also extends to your website’s editors, admins, and authors to make the most out of the WordPress VIP’s sturdy content management and publishing features. 

High performance and speed

The entire hosting platform for WordPress VIP is optimized for the best performance. You don’t have to worry about coding optimization, CDN service, and caching and plugins. Enterprise WordPress is served by the delivery network of 20 data centres all around the world. Thus, you will get the best time-to-first byte result, SSL security, latency, and protection against the DDOS attacks. 

Encrypted with Custom Security

The risk of cybersecurity is increasing due to the global connectivity and usage of cloud services. According to Statista, more than 164.68 million sensitive records were exposed, with 1473 data breaches in the US. The IT sector is the most vulnerable to data breaches, with an average loss of $28 million yearly. 

But with WordPress VIP, you don’t need to worry about any data breach, cyberattacks, and malware. Your WordPress VIP websites are protected by the world-class custom-built security and best practices to block brute force and other types of malware proactively. All your website traffic will be fully protected from click to code. Every custom code is reviewed manually, adding an extra layer of security to your website and avoiding vulnerable codes. 

enterprise level wordpress

Number of Data breaches in US

(Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/273550/data-breaches-recorded-in-the-united-states-by-number-of-breaches-and-records-exposed/)

What’s the difference between WordPress and WordPress VIP?

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To understand the difference between the WordPress VIP and self-hosted WordPress, let’s break it down into the key differences between them. 


WordPress VIP is a fully managed hosting service to host your content without any hassle. For WordPress.com, you need to find out a third-party hosting service provider and pay for the hosting. 

SSL security and backups

VIP offers encrypted security with SSL security along with manual code review, depending on the price up to unlimited bandwidth, storage, & CDN. In WordPress.com, all of these depend on the hosting service you opt for. You need to pay for extra security with a third-party plugin. 


A limited number of themes to choose for WordPress VIP, and any custom theme or design will also undergo rigorous review before any changes go Live. In contrast, you can select many unlimited free & premium themes from WordPress.org theme repository or other sites like Codecanyon & Themeforest.

Customizing Options

WordPress VIP offers limited customizing options for users to maintain quality control and legality. However, users can add custom CSS manually, which will go through the review process before going Live. With universal themes, there are countless possibilities of customizing the content. It includes Live Customizer, which you can use to edit and view any of the changes you live your website.

Third-party Plugins

All of the third-party plugins all undergo strict pre-deploy checks making it more effective and efficient in WordPress VIP. However, the extent of the numbers is comparatively less than the official WordPress.org repository. A vast range of third-party plugins, both free and paid to extend features, are available.

Pricing Range

Enterprise WordPress ranges from $5000 to $25000 per month, depending on the site’s requirements. In WordPress.com, price depends on the hosting, domain name, premium plugins & themes enabled.

Additional Features

In enterprise WordPress, planning, strategizing, and training are done according to a specific site’s needs. It features blazing fast speed delivered with the 20 data centres all over the world—strict coding standards. It is best suited for large businesses and extremely high-traffic websites. While WordPress.com is suited for all levels of sites. It is extremely versatile with customizing options and easy to work with. 

What does the WP VIP team do at each stage of the project?

Once you decide, the whole process goes through several methods to ensure the best operation wise fit and future performance.


Planning to ensure optimal fulfilment usually begins with intensive planning. Once you decide to join, WP VIP representatives go to your website and discuss an in-depth plan and strategies for the next step.

Planning and development

After evaluating your existing website, the team calls in all parties involved and resources and finalizes a plan for further development. They train your developers about platforms, performance, and security. They also help you choose the best theme and design or evaluate existing website designs. They also optimize your existing UI, content, and content to plan migration. They follow your company’s goals and requirements and examine existing codes for security and compatibility with the new plan.

Implementation and launch

When you discuss, evaluate, and set everything up, your project will be sent to a new platform. They do the final investigation and start the project. In the latter, the evaluation is performed after the launch and is completed with further customization if necessary.


They provide the seamless performance and top-notch security for the website every day. Their developers deal with cloud hosting, handling all updates, backups, and unique requirements. If there is a requirement, users have expert support staff available.

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So, with all the comparisons and overall reviews, WordPress.com VIP is an excellent wicket platform aimed at high traffic sites. However, with limited freedom to customize and add third-party themes and plugins, it guarantees a very high-security level. By comparison, prices seem a bit more expensive than other self-hosted sites. However, with the degree of flexibility and scalability, it seems reasonable that it costs a lot. Because it also handles maximum traffic spikes easily, this is the best fit for sites with at least a few million-page views per month.

This post is just dedicated to helping users find the right platform and in no way to recommend one over the other. Thus this, concludes our post today about WordPress VIP. Hopefully, we’ve listed everything that comes up in the search for answers. But we value your feedback! So, are you planning your own enterprise WordPress development project? You can connect with us if you want us to help you with the development.