7 Top Tech Trends in Healthcare Industry need to know in 2020

Health Care is one of the most affected domains which has been redefined due to advancement in technology. Lack of resources in past must have caused loses in health and cure services. Modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, AR and VR, etc are reshaping the Healthcare Software services. It has reduced the distance between doctors and patients enabling regular care education ...

9 Things To Look For While Choosing A SaaS CMS

SaaS CMS is a Content Management System hosted on a cloud and offers similar features like other traditional CMS. As it is a cloud-based CMS it is more secure and flexible. You don’t need to worry about the issues like upgrading, hosting or maintenance. These things are handled by the vendor or the SaaS service […]

6 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Enterprise-Level Website

WordPress enjoys all the benefits of open source. It has a huge community creating a thriving and dynamic ecosystem. Recently, WordPress improved a lot to give awesome content editing experiences and enhanced security, which are the primary requirements of an enterprise website. Thanks to scalability and reliability, today WordPress is believed to be a ready platform for your Enterprise-Level w...

5 Essential Software Development Metrics Every Agile Leader Needs

Perception System, California favors high standards in agile software development methodologies, and it only comes through constant monitoring using right metrics. Let’s learn those essential metrics.

Benefits of Agile Software Development You Should Know

Agile software development is a method used for developing all sorts of software solutions, based on continuous improvement, flexibility, an input of the team, and high quality working software delivery. In this post, I would like to mention what are the main benefits you get by doing agile development.

Top 4 PrestaShop Modules to Help Your Ecommerce Store Mark More Sales

PrestaShop is an ideal choice for SaaS-based ecommerce needs. It has an extensive extension marketplace to make your shop sales friendly. Here are some good picks that can help you to boost your sales explicitly.

Why Laravel becomes an Excellent Choice of PHP framework for Industry

PHP is a versatile server-side script and tough the code is to manage when the project size goes inflated. Therefore, frameworks are essential for PHP developers to do things quickly and organized ways. At present, PHP frameworks are varying in capacities, features, and tools.

7 Questions to Ask PHP Developers While Hiring Them

If you want to filter real talent for your PHP development project, you must ask essential questions during the interview to gauge the capacity of PHP developer.

Java vs. Python, an ongoing debate to select the most Productive Programming Language

Python is more creative than Java, isn’t it? It would be dangerous to claim that Java is not as much productive than Python due to many factors. Java is statically typed while Python is dynamical. We have seen a huge debate between dynamic typing and static typing among many programming languages. Here we are not debating on this topic, but we are going to show the difference between these two ...

Why Software Maintenance and Support is important in 2018? – Infographics

Your web or mobile app can not bear downtime — Persistent care of your IT assets help you preserve your online investment. Always rely on honest and experts to keep your software running, with preventive maintenance service and support from the people who know your needs best. Software maintenance sustains your business process throughout its […]

Ecommerce Homepage Optimization to Double Your Website Sales – Infographic

The appropriate optimization of the eCommerce Home page store is a vital element for business success whether you’re a beginner in the digital world or achieved an intermediate level virtual selling nerve or attained experienced level enterpriser qualities. One of the studies shows that 94% of user’s first impression depends on visual appeal and navigation […]

8+ eCommerce Trends to Watch in 2017 – Infographic

What 2017 excites more in eCommerce industry? 2017 is here and one month already passed. Ecommerce industry is becoming more competitive and challenging. If you are an eCommerce startup, you must plan out a strategy for your business. Ecommerce is more about winning customer’s trust and so you need to understand the customer’s view. While […]

9 Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins

The last time we shared an amazing WordPress Infographic with you which presenting statistic fact about WordPress. Today we come up with latest infographic for WordPress Dashboard Plugins. WordPress website users are using plugins to make it their website more better. We know that everytime, it’s difficult to choosing a best plugin for the website, […]

WordPress Infographic 2017 – Best CMS with Surprising Statistics

Last few month we find maximum download of our WordPress Plugins, Surprisingly one of our Full Page background Image Plugin hit 10,000+ Active install. Such great activity in wordpress world inspire us to research wordpress statistics during 1st half of year 2016. During our analysis we find lots of eye opening stats about wordpress domination […]

3 Must Things to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Customer services plays vital role in every business. No metter how best your product are performing in the market, but when it comes to customer services, sometimes customer getting disappointment due to poor customer service.

How iPad POS Helps you to accelerate your business growth in 2017?

Perception System has come up with a solution this time and it's a point of sale app that runs on your iPad. The solution is brandable & customizable for any business in the category of Retail, Restaurant and Salon.

Best PHP Frameworks 2019: Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony vs CakePHP

Are you searching for the best PHP frameworks to use?PHP is used by 82% of majority web server and its frameworks are widely popular among developers. So, if you are looking for remarkable framework to use for your next development project then have a glance at listed given in this post.

CakePHP v/s Laravel – Which is Best Web App Framework To Choose?

Are you getting confused in choosing web application framework for your project? Don’t panic more. In this infographic, we have compared two best frameworks for you to choose the right for your web app development project.

Ruby vs PHP – Which is Preferable? (Infographic)

Are you getting confused in choosing one of the best programming languages between Ruby on Rails and PHP? Do you want to know secrets of both the language before choosing one? Have a glance at this infographics and aware yourself about details of PHP and RoR.

Which is More Powerful, Python or PHP in 2017? (Infographic)

Are you going to begin with the web development project? If yes, which langauge you will choose PHP or Python? Have confusion? No worries, you can check-out this infographic and see neck-to-neck comparison between both the languages! However, if you want to hire PHP developer for your project, you can contact us!

16 Best Content Marketing Tools of 2017 (Infographic)

List of top 16 content marketing tools that marketers should check-out to increase the value of their business..

10 Highest Paying Programming Languages in 2017

Here are the list of top highest paying programming languages ranked by salary. Highly useful data for developers, who are looking for a new language in 2015..

WordPress Vs joomla – Which is Better for Your Business in 2017

Are you looking forward to developing your own website? No need to worry as there are mainly two options – WordPress and Joomla that are well-known for a comprehensive range of features. Both these platforms have established themselves as the leaders for online content management systems.

PHP vs Java vs Python – Which Programming Language Better to Learn First?

Wanted to learn a programming language? But you don't have information that which language you should learn first? Maybe you will ask professional developers for any recommendations and you will get different answers.

Why HTML5 Boon For Developers in 2015

In the year 2015, HTML5 brings the strom to the market as it is a core technology markup language of the Internet that mainly used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web.