Case Study of a Food Recipe & Meal Planning Web Portal

What Our Client Was Looking for this Web Development Project?

Due to the innovative and challenging idea, the client was looking for a competitive and competing solution provider in the market. The client wants to facilitate food lovers to present own recipes of food items and receive the food as per own schedule or meal planning.

The client had put a stamp of choice on Perception System considering the fittest choice for his Web Development Company search.

How Perception System Evaluated Needs of Client?

  • We have analyzed the client’s requirements precisely.
  • Afterward, we have broken down the system accordingly.
  • We have implemented the Work Breakdown Structure methodology.
  • WBS proves the best to address the main needs of all stakeholders involved.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of Web Developers at Perception System

We have selected the Magento ecommerce platform to do extensive customization in order to meet the bespoke requirements of the client.


We implemented below functionalities:

  • The user can create a healthy meal plan for herself & her family.
  • The user can get the products from our Michelin star restaurant suppliers and organic food specialists.
  • The user can view tailored recipe cards and instructional videos designed.
  • The user can get her weekly ingredients and recipes delivered to her doorstep.


We have created a project plan according to WBS modules and defined milestones as well as deliverables accordingly.


The major challenge in the web development project was to create and manage ‘Custom Meal Plan’ module. It is because it was a combination of various recipes to create items (Sub-modules). These customized items again assemble and turn into the Custom Meal (Main module).


We have faced technical and logical challenges in the creation of features, such as “Chinese recipe bundle options” & “Language-specific recipe cards & videos.”

Our Journey throughout Magento Development

Our Journey towards the Solution was fascinating throughout the life cycle of the system. We have implements some awesome functionality in the web portal such as


We have enabled food lovers to create a healthy meal plan according to own and family’s tastes.

Delivery Options

We have provided delivery options, such as get doorstep delivery or pick the food from Michelin Star Restaurant suppliers and Organic Food specialists.

Recipe Cards

Food lovers can view tailored recipe cards as well as instructional videos to get complete guidance.

Extensive Customization

Magento lacks “Meal Plan” like odd features by default. Therefore, we have to go in extensive customization and create a Magento panel to meet bespoke needs.

Business Logic

We have developed the presentation and business logic for custom meal plan modules, category specific tabs, options for Chinese recipe bundles.

Recipe Module

Our recipe module consists of essential features such as ingredients, nutritional information, and instructional videos in multiple languages including English, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Striking Features, We Included in Web Portal

Meal Plan Subscription

We have ‘created a Custom Meal Plan Subscription’ feature to facilitate regular and loyal customers.

Multilingual Support

Our ‘Multilingual Support’ for food lovers accustomed to English, Chinese, and Tagalog languages used in Hong Kong.

Parallax Design

Attractive ‘Parallax style Design’ for desktop and mobile users who love a lot of scrolling.

Video Banners

To ease ‘Video Banners Management.’

Quick Checkout

One Step Checkout process to high conversion.

Producer Gallery

Producer Gallery to explore a range of food items and recipe ingredients.

Technologies We Used in Web Development

We have used the following technologies, frameworks, and tools to achieve desired success.


Magento Customization






APIs integrations





The Final Result


We have divided projects in a couple of milestones and received payment accordingly from the client.


We had successfully launched the web portal with all required features in October 2015.


The client has recorded expected traffic & conversions for days and weeks after deployment and express complete satisfaction with our work and supports.

Client’s Feedback

You did a great job. Conversations with us were seamless, smooth, and comprehensive for both ends despite the vast differences in culture and language. The cooperation was amazing and the team at Perception system, USA has attended our all queries immediately. Thank you for providing us one-stop services for our all demands.