Case Study : Project Management System Development

What was the client expecting from Perception System?

Digitalization follows sophistication, and now offices and field work of civil engineers and architects are experiences sophistication in entire business processes and deals with clients. Papers have almost disappeared, and big to tiny computing devices have replaced the papers. Drawing accomplished on computers and viewed in laptops, tablets, and sometimes on smartphones too using digital viewers.
Field updates are taking place in real-time and offices are seamlessly connected with fields and clients too. Digitalization/computerization has brought transparency as well as efficiencies in their day-to-day operations, and they now need viable software solutions for project management using the latest system, which includes electronic gadgets and networking facilities.

project management software development

How did Perception System evaluate the client’s needs?

To be precise, civil engineers & architects wanted to track each professional activities of their employees by providing a user authentication based Project Management System (PMS) through any device including mobiles. They want to include industry-specific features like –

Employees Essentials:

  • Should login & see the assigned tasks
  • Select the task and seek approval to start it
  • Can log hours for those tasks
  • See the milestones
  • Send CAD and other deliverables to the concerned stakeholder
  • See bills
  • See payment schedule and payment receipt

Project Manager Requirements:

  • Allocate the tasks to the employees by approving tasks
  • Check the progress and status of work on the dashboard and in-practice/on-site
  • Receive deliverables and forward to concern person, authority, or client
  • Define milestone and check hours logged by employees
  • Carry audit of work done, find missing deadlines, or incomplete deliverables and take appropriate actions
  • Prepare bills or approve invoices sent by accounting staff
  • Approve payments

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of Software Developers at Perception System

Requirement Analysis & Feasibility Study

We have allocated our business analysts to dig the details for their requirements and actual problems they face. We have run competition analysis to know that what existing off-the-shelf or ready to use software available in the market doing and where those fail to deliver their bespoke requirements.

Wireframe Designing & Prototyping

Based on the findings, we have set up design for wireframes of project management software and prepared interactive prototypes after several meetings with their business teams and approvals. We have designed symmetry of their daily chores and traditional or prevailing project execution methods.

Project Management

We have identified the pitfalls of manual project management system in work allocation, tracking of work, monitoring work quality, checking deadlines, and managing work hours, hence the payment.

We have recognized shortfalls in role allocation, and real implementation in project execution to establish liability for anything happens good or bad during the project lifecycle.

Monitoring & Controlling

We have decided to set up a rich dashboard that provides complete visual cues regarding project progress and real-time updates, as well as tools to manage the project easily, quickly, and efficiently.

civil engineering project management
software for civil engineering project management

How We Have Reached Viable Project Management Solutions?

Our journey in this software development case was fascinating enough and sizzling throughout the software lifecycle.


We have analysed the client’s needs precisely.

We have divided it into the lifecycle of civil engineering and architectural projects and relevant terms.


We have brokendown it using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) methodology.

We have adopted a way of developing traditional PMS into digitalized system as per needs of all stakeholders.


Designer and junior civil engineers doing technical work.

Project Managers who are managing projects working under the hood of a chief engineer or architect.


Design project plan, define milestones, and Deliverables.


We have selected the most appropriate technologies, tools, and techniques.

Deployment & Maintenance

We have delivered PMS successfully to civil engineers and architects with satisfactory maintenance and support services.


More than 150 Users are using this system for their daily work to report in.

Powerful Features

Department Management

Manages different departments such as: Civil, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC etc.

Employee Management

Manages employees as department-?wise. One employee can belong to more than one department.

Privilege management

Assigns (entitles) an employee as either a project manager or an admin.

Client Management

Manages all the clients of the organization and enrolls the client projects into the system.


Broadcast messages to any employee (staff
member or a project manager).

Reports & Data Mining

The reports are mainly dealing?for the man-hour, cost monitoring, project progress context.

Team & Technology

Combining the powerful Predix platform with our expertise in mobile development, microservice architecture, and user-focused experiences, WillowTree prototyped several applications that deliver useful data visualizations to infrastructure operators. As a result, those operators can make better-informed decisions, faster

Built Desktop Web
& Mobile Web

Laravel 5.4





The Final Result

Milestones and deliverables

Milestones and deliverables are defined so the accounts can take care of raising the invoices accordingly and let the project manager keep execution smoother, without delay due to payment delay.

Overall Weightage

Overall weightage (%), such as weightage of a module or different tasks beneath in module etc. This helps the project manager to pick the particular modules and tasks to give priority to achieving particular milestones and payment release.

Project Overall Cost

Tasks are well-identified for their impact upon project overall cost (billable/non-billable tasks). This helps SMPS to calculate the per person overhead cost to be incurred in the organization.


65% Increase in productivity
90% Ontime project completion
80% Work transparency


UI / UX / CX

Development & Implementation

Project Management

Team Collaboration


Client’s Feedback

Our civil engineering & architectural projects were running in hurdle bustle manner, and we were missing several deadlines due to poor on-paper/manual project management practices. SMPS project management system by Perception System has eased it right from start to finish with client satisfaction and high productivity. It indeed has bridged fieldwork with office work seamlessly and in a real-time manner.