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  • David Tainsh

    We had had massive problems with previous programmers working on and had lost quite a bit of money due to them. Perception Systems have been able to sort out our problems and development of the software. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering using them.
    David Tainsh
  • Derek Williams

    We have used Perception System for ALL of our development needs. I could not be more pleased with the results. The developers are both EFFICIENT and CREATIVE- two traits that aren't always present with developers. The developers are INTUITIVE and provide solutions that will serve your business model- they will provide HONEST and HELPFUL feedback regarding your ideas.

    Go look at my website site compares with sites owned by Fortune 500 companies. I am confident that we will continue to be competitive with the help of Perception System. Thank you to for great work.

    Best Wishes,

    Derek Williams
    Derek Williams
  • Nadia Norzuhdy

    We are very happy to work with perception system for our mobile game app, heir Quality of work is really excellent and their turnaround time a really amazing. Anytime we had bug or issue to fix they rectify in required timing and their programmers at PS were did an excellent job.

    Nadia Norzuhdy
  • Jimmy Wiradiguna

    Hey I am Jimmy Wiradiguna, the co-founder of Xplore from Indonesia. We are being working together with Perception System Company for quite sometimes now. They are very good company that been successfully help lots of businesses out there, helping my company as well in providing decent solution for my software and there are three things that I really want to point out about their work really good. First thing is their professionalism; they are always on time, and always, always on time. Second one is Really helpful everyone want to point out. Rafiq and Shoiab on their business development and IT team. They are really efficient their needs that I asked them on time. And, they are strictly preferable and always recommended them, if you want to work with Perception System. Third one is they have enough experience so I don’t keep them with too much pressure that I want this and that..they already know what I congratulations guys I means, Wish you all the best and wishing you guys to go bigger and bigger, especially in this IT business . Thank u

    Jimmy Wiradiguna
  • Ted Bristol

    It did all this work in less than a month, they were at top for the whole time and helped my hand with all questions I had regarding various things. If you are in the market for an app to be written in different Apple or another I would highly suggest Perception System,

    Ted Bristol
  • Aki Costi (Cyprus)

    Perception System team have been first class and always ready to help. Every time I have a problem, nothing seems too much trouble, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Perception System and look forward to a long business relationship with them.

    Aki Costi (Cyprus)
  • Sergey Nikolaev

    Good Day. My name is Sergey, I worked as a Project Manager in the Digital Agency Sense. With our companion, Perception System connects two way along and these two projects: Development of mobile application for the platform blackberry. This project related for move in the air. We have many reviews and corrections, but at the end we got the final product.

    Sergey Nikolaev
  • Stuart Manley(USA)

    The creative process-working with Perception System was very enjoyable. I appreciate the passion, professionalism and creativity they contributed to the process. I thought the entire development process was well organized and executed. I highly recommended Perception System for web and mobile application development.
    Stuart Manley(USA)
  • Soren Larsen

    I have used Perception System to develop my ecommerce site. Perception System has delivered the product as promised within the time schedule. Furthermore, throughout the whole process Perception System has been very responsive and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend Perception System to everyone who are looking for a reliable development company.
    Soren Larsen
  • Peter Drummmond (Australia)

    Perception Systems delivered cost effective web solutions to our company and many of our clients in a timely manner. They exceeded our expectations and continue to deliver professional projects at the best price.

    Peter Drummmond (Australia)
  • Mario Tosi

    Perception System started helping us through major job portal with our specific needs by adding features important to us. They did perfect jobs precise and on time. We will definitely continue to trust Perception System for customization and can absolutely recommend them as a partner of first choice. Bye from Germany

    Mario Tosi

    Great Choice Perception System To revamp my website, Good details work and, well develop my website.I am very happy to choose perception for quality, high technology.Website or any application development you will not disappointment with perception System.


    Perception Systems combines very good information technology and excellent customer service. I am pleased to have worked with the team and will recommend their services to anyone.


    Commitment to work and attention to detail displayed by the team is commendable, without that I don’t think that the project would have progressed so smoothly

  • Amani Smith CEO Sufferahsmusic

    I Purchased one of the apps that was created by Perception System Recorder pro first of all i was in need of iphone app that could record audio as clean as possible without taking up too much space on my iphone....i did a months research tryal error with many of Recorder Pro Competition and Recorder Pro beat each of them out especially with clarity i was very pleased with the results of my voice recordings. Now most engineers will tell you recording vocals on your phone especially for music purposes is not the way to go and i would agree, but my situation was a unique one. I had just purchased a motu 896 hybrid audio interface so i may step up the level of my recordings but when i did i also had to upgrade my OS from leopard to lion and i did was after that i also learnt i also had to upgrade my Pro tols 7.4 to pro tools 9 or 10 at this point my microphone had stopped working i think compatibility issues and pro tools system was a lil too rich for my pocket at the time, so i purchased Logic audio and although i was back to making music i realized my midi interface had also stopped working ... i was soo frustrated it was then i decided to try RECORDER PRO BY Perception Systems. When i created music in pro tools i would use my akai mpc 4000 and my triton to sequence the music then i would dump the midi files as audio files in pro tools... now that i had no more pro tools i would create the track in logic by using my macbook keyboard ( the one i type with) to sequence the track and then i would record the vocals on Recorder Pro app lead track add-libs backups then i would do a mix .... after the mix i would then master in Pre sonus pro... all i can say is i wouldnt advise an artist or a producer to do as i did i have had many years experience and i also was trying to accomplish a sound from the 1960 reggae and i did Thank you Perception Systems you guys do Great work and i will continue to use your app to record i cant wait for more updates especially where clarity is concerned also your transfer system for retrieving the sound files is genius.

    Amani Smith CEO Sufferahsmusic
  • Sergey Nikolaev Digital Agency Sense

    In Perception System works good specialists. I had 2 very difficult projects and Perception System helps me to solve them.Sometimes work was hard, but in the end we get the good result.

    Sergey Nikolaev Digital Agency Sense
  • David Cohen New York , NY CloudWord

    Experience was great! They worked hard through all the way till the job got done. Quick responses every time which is very important. cooperative and Great results. Thanks David.

    David Cohen New York , NY CloudWord
  • Tyler & J.J.

    We used Perception System to design an Android app called Flashy Tunes in 2011. We have been more than satisfied with the work that Perception did turning our vision into reality. Perception was fast, responsive and had great suggestions to fill in the gaps between our vision and the final product. The process worked so well for us that we went back to Perception and hired them again to design an Apple version of the app. After the initial development they have stuck with us and supported the app. We highly recommend Perception System and would work with them again in the future.

    Tyler & J.J.
  •  Nikolas Stefanou CEO Click Delivery S.A.

    We worked with Perception System on a very hard and complex e-commerce platform. Our requirements were too many, but the team of Perception System managed to design and implement a state of the art website. Their experienced engineers helped us to complete this difficult task, and no matter the difficulty of our requirements or changes we were asking for, they could find a solution quickly. The graphic design was also done by Perception System which was a very fresh and unique design. They are very cooperative, could adjust quickly and worked within the timescales we required. Our experience was very good and we definitely encourage you to work with them. I wish there were more companies like Perception System.

    Nikolas Stefanou CEO Click Delivery S.A.
  • Paul Riddett (Aus) has successfully completed work on, a corporate printing solution aimed at catering to various business and promotional printing needs of businesses. When Paul Riddett, CEO of Printmotion contacted Perception System.
    Paul Riddett (Aus)
  • Stephen Warde

    Looks Nice:) Thanks very much, It was a pleasure to work with such a professional company. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Best Wishes.

    Stephen Warde
  • Nrujal (USA)

    We cannot fully express how happy we have been with Perception System. We are extremely impressed by their level of legal marketing expertise and customer focus. Their Web design and SEO strategies have significantly increased our web traffic."Perception System" means one team who always [24*7] work for their clients. I must say the 'Perception System' is right solution for all our web related needs.

    Nrujal (USA)
  • Doug (USA) Businessman

    True Professionals! When you need it done right and complete the first time, you need Perception System. With many designs completed with this company I'm sold from here on out. With this type of customer service and dedication, you will have a team that is unmatched. Sometimes you fail to put a price on the word 'trust', but their trust is worth millions to me and my business.

    Doug (USA) Businessman
  • Danny (Australia)

    Perception System worked closely with us during our entire project. I have had the opportunity to work closely with several staff members and they are always friendly and very helpful. We have been so impressed by their work and efforts that we have awarded them further projects.

    Danny (Australia)
  •  Vivian Marketing Manager EZmod Furniture

    We turned to Perception System for building up our magento store. The project turned out great. They also helped us with many improvements later on. They are responsive and reliable. We enjoy the experience to assign project to this technical team off shore in end of our working day, and get it done the next morning when we get back to work. We are happy to recommend this team to any one who needs technical support.

    Vivian Marketing Manager EZmod Furniture
  •  Jon Watts Owner/Director Truetype Web Solutions

    We were impressed with your professional approach to the customisation of our online shop. You patiently worked through our requests and we ended up with exactly what we had envisaged. As a bonus, your services are very economically priced. We would not hesitate to use your company again or to recommend it to others.

    Jon Watts Owner/Director Truetype Web Solutions
  •  Patricia Director Esl Expeditious English

    I have the pleasure to state that my experience with Perception System has been excellent. Due to my lack of IT knowledge all staff at Perception System have been very helpful and patient at explaining details and causes without delays - most importantly, they have always responded immediately to my doubts.

    Patricia Director Esl Expeditious English
  •  James Blesius President Aaron James Enterprises, Inc

    The services was excellent. Very professional work done on a comprehensive reworking of one of my web sites. I will definitely use them again in the future.

    James Blesius President Aaron James Enterprises, Inc
  • David Rojas Project Manager

    Hello team, my experience with you has been very pleasant. Both the professional aspect as in human relationship. Professionally I was pleasantly surprised because I did not think telecommuting would be so easy. You are a very professional team, highly qualified, with which I look forward to collaborating on future projects. I congratulate the whole team. Thanks & Regards David

    David Rojas Project Manager
  • Hasnain Zaheer Managing editor

    Perception team is always enthusiastic about finding solutions and grappling with clients problems. They are quick, reliable and innovative.

    Hasnain Zaheer Managing editor
  •  Shyam Menon Vice President & Delivery Head Solutions Digitas

    Excellent co-ordination, fast turn around time, good understanding of requirements...The team lead by Aspak was very understanding and deliveries were well on time. Overall quite a good & pleasurable experience working with the Perception Team!!!

    Shyam Menon Vice President & Delivery Head Solutions Digitas
  • Marie conner manager

    We would like everyone to know that our experience with perception systems has been the best compared to other companies that we have worked with. They are honest and wonderful to work with. There is nothing that they cannot do when it comes to upgrading our site, changing it or adding any feature that we request. They deliver amazing work with highest standards and are again the most honest company to work with. They have been a pleasure to work with and we will reply on them always to take care of our business. Best regards, Marie Conner

    Marie conner manager
  •  Len McGrane CEO Net Gains

    It was so good to get PERCEPTION SYSTEM Manager help for my project. He has a relaxed, easy manner, but also a sharp sense of business procedures and a good memory. So he was able to smoothly schedule my work to fit in with his programmers and my deadlines. He\\\'s a good communicator. It was always pleasant to talk with him and he understood exactly what I wanted. He is very familiar with web 2.0 and has a good grasp of programming. It felt safe and comfortable negotiating with him on the terms and conditions of the project. And I am very glad to found him and his team at Perception System.

    Len McGrane CEO Net Gains
  • Paul

    Perception Systems did exactly what I asked. They were prompt, professional and very responsive. They put together an ecommerce site that works and looks great.
  • Jim CEO JRS Inc U.S.A

    Perception Systems has continually exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail, ability to execute, and desire to excel have been instrumental in my software development efforts. As a small business owner, having Perception on my side has allowed me to focus less on code and more on growing my business. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their software development efforts. Jim( CEO of JRS Inc

    Jim CEO JRS Inc U.S.A
  • Mr. Siraz Mansuri.

    First we had only desktop base website, but after noticing a good number of traffic from mobile devices we plan to make our existence for mobile browser too. Perception Team come up with responsive layout solution, now i see increasing amount of response from my iPhone,android even in table and iPad visitors. Really great decision to convert my site to make responsive layout and get correct look for all platform or browser without loosing any functionality. Thanks you.

    Mr. Siraz Mansuri.
  • Jon Harald Webmaster Stokken Web

    I am very impressed of the way Perception ran the project. Very professional and effective process. Great follow-up, great communication.

    Jon Harald Webmaster Stokken Web
  • Adil Haji

    Work Type: Android Native Mobile Application It was a pleasure working with you all, I think we did our best, and more importantly I hope that Allah accept our efforts and intentions. I will definitely contact Perception Systems the next time I’ve some programming work. I’m satisfied! 5 stars job!

    Adil Haji
  •  Chester Schmid Razormae

    The Perception System team is extremely professional, creative, and efficient. They worked diligently with me to deliver a truly outstanding product that shattered our expectations. The process could not have been more enjoyable, I would recommend Perception System to all looking for an IT Solution provider.

    Chester Schmid Razormae
  • Yusuf YILDIRIM

    We worked for some design implementation projects with Perception System and i can say they are very helpful and they know what they do about design integration. We will continue working with them for our Design projects.

    Yusuf YILDIRIM
  •  Rodney Rodricks Uni Central LTD

    Perception System is top notch in programming and design company. Professional, knowledgeable & fast! I am very pleased with the work they did for me. Turnaround time was amazingly fast with great details. I was especially pleased with the after service support which saved our site on a number of occasions.

    Rodney Rodricks Uni Central LTD