7 Exciting HTML5 Experiments That Will Stun Your Mind


Not very long years back, HTML5 has been launched; it is still in its teenage years, but this new and modern technology has shocked everyone with its excellent functionalities and exclusive features that compel various web developers to experiment with this technology.

Many new and astonishing features are added in HTML5, and one of the best features ‘canvas element’ allow developers to develop complex integrated images as well as interaction without using plugins like Flash.HTML5 is really a magical technology that gives video capabilities, animation and canvas illustration features.

Today, everywhere you can see the magic of HTML5 as it allows developers to come-up with something new and innovative like unbelievable pictures, videos and graphic effects and more. No matter whether you have done any experiment with HTML5 or not, here I am going to show you 10 exciting HTML5 experiments that will surely shock your mind.

In this given experiments, you are going to experience music-based animations, beautiful pictures of creatures, gravity and lot more. So, begin with your journey!!

Canvas Ribbon

HTML5 Canvas Ribbon is one best examples of true power of HTML5 as its ribbon implemented in HTML5 canvas. In this Ribbon, the method has used two delayed mouse follows at various speeds as a way of making points for drawing. For each single interval, the developer has draw a shape using the earlier and current x & y points for each follow – it makes this ribbon segment.

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Google Gravity

Google Gravity is another best and amazing example from Mr Doob. As compare to first example, it is less interactive, but still it is cool. This is providing a basic copy of Google’s main search page, but one of the best things about this page is when you point your cursor, the entire page begins falling down till all them crash at the bottom. However, the Google logo works as an active link, which easily refreshes the page.

When it coms to Voxel rain, it means multi-colored 3D boxes that move down to form a rotating big block. This rain is like showing the possibilities of computer in the early 1990s, but it also comes to web browsers by utilizing the power of HTML5, one of the brightest era of internet.

Ball Pool

Ball Pool is the best experiment in combining HHTML5 Canvas with the Box 2D JavaScript physics framework. This Ball Pool is an excellent experiment as users can shake the browser back and forth to see the set of objects that react in real time.

Doogle Gmail

Doogle Gmail is one of the most interesting HTML5 experiments as it is a interesting shooter type game in which hero is Gmail. In this game, you got the life, score and laser beam like other classic shooter games. Possibly, it is latent demos to show the abilities of HTML5 and its wonderful functionalities.

WebGL Water

Here comes WebGL Water that is excellently served with Google Chrome. You can easily draw on the water to make ripples or you can also drag the sphere to move it across and press some keyboard keys in order to set light direction and toggle gravity. It is an interesting experiment to view that can show you the influence of HTML5.

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Above mentioned 7 HTML5 experiments are excellent and great in terms of everything. If you are a professional developer and want to experience the power of HTML5, you can also do any experiment and achieve something unique.