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8 Java Troubleshooting Tools For Java Developers


Java is one of the most acceptable computer programming languages that let application developers allow to “write once, run anywhere”. Its application compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine despite computer architecture.

However, many times, developers are facing problem in writing code. So, here we have listed some of the best Java troubleshooting tools for Java developers that help them with perfect development process.


VisualVM is an excellent visual tool for incorporating presented lightweight memory, JDK software tools and CPU profiling capabilities. Developers can use this tool for both development and production time and additional improves the ability of monitoring and performance investigation for the Java SE platform.

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A free open source tool, GCViewer visualize data that produced by the Java VM options -verbose:gc and -Xloggc:<file>. One of the best things about this tool is it also calculate garbage collection, which is related to performance metrics.


A GUI-based tool, PerfAnal helps to analyze the performance of applications on the Java 2 Platform. PerfAnal can be used to recognized performance problems in your code and locate code that requires tuning.


jconsole is available with JDK 1.5 and above. It is an excellent Java Monitoring and Management Console – JMX-compliant graphical tool that check a Java virtual machine. Using this tool, you can simply monitor both local and remote JVMs.


HPjmeter is one of my personal favorite tools that recognize and diagnose performance problems in Java™ applications by running on HP-UX. It also allows to use JDK/JRE 5.0.04 or higher by capturing profiling data with zero preparation. This remarkable tool easily runs on HP-UX, Linux, and Windows® systems.


JAMon is available for free. This tool delivers high performance for easy monitoring production applications.

Java Out-of-Box Tool

Java Out-of-Box Tool is a separate bundle that will install startup (RC) scripts, rebuild the kernel, modify kernel parameters, and reboot the system. System tunables will be changed by the startup scripts during startup to deliver “Out of The Box” behavior for Java.


Are you finding of a possible Java™ heap leak area? HeapAnalyzer helps to search out Java™ heap leak area through its heuristic search engine and investigate of the JavaTM heap dump in Java applications. Java heap dumps can be analyzed through parsing the Java heap dump, transforming them into directional trees, developing directional graphs, and performing the heuristic search engine.

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Listed tools are the best Java tools of troubleshooting for Java developers that helps while their development task. If you have any question about Java tools and development process, contact us with your queries.