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Do you need an agency that specializes in B2B Websites?

Your website is one of, if not the most important tool for lead generation in your marketing armory. Your site doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to be focused around your marketing goals and speak to your customers in ways that they can easily understand. That’s why it always helps to have an agency that specialises in B2B website design to help you create a site that has the maximum impact.

Great B2B web design focuses on lead generation, understanding that this is the engine that drives a successful business. However, as well as being crucial from a marketing point of view, you also need to factor in user experience and aesthetic elements into your overall design scheme. Finding the right balance between all these factors can be very difficult, even for people with experience in design. That’s why it is always recommended that you get help from a web development company that has an in-depth understanding of the way B2B websites work.

What makes our B2B websites different?

The main factor that makes our B2B website design different is that it is driven by data. This hard evidence is then used to create marketing strategies that are custom designed for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. We create custom website designs that look great and produce high conversion results for your business.

To do this we focus on three key areas: strategy, design and development. Let’s look at these in more detail to find out more about what we can do for you.


When thinking about your overall website strategy, you need to remember that your B2B aims are different from those for B2C. We will work closely with you to try and find out your business goals and how best to generate leads and drive the customer buying process. Using this data, we can create sites that drive traffic and generate valuable leads for you to follow up.


In order to make sure that you’re happy with every aspect of the design, we will create mock ups for you to select and build upon. This continual feedback allows us to work in a quick and efficient way and once any designs are approved, we can create working prototypes to ensure that you’re happy with the way the site has been designed.

All aspects of the site will be thoroughly designed and checked to make sure they offer a first-class user experience. Most of our clients really enjoy this design process as they like to have input into the way their site looks and feels. Other web designing company operations are not carried out in the same way and we know that it can be frustrating to be presented with something that doesn’t meet your original vision just days before the roll out. Working in tandem with you to achieve your goals is our number one aim.


Once the designs and prototypes have been finalised, we will work with you on the development and roll out of the site. We will test and launch your new B2B site and will be on hand to continue offering support and guidance. Our work does not end the moment the site goes live, which is true of some other design companies.

We will continue to tweak your online marketing presence in order to help you maximise the lead generation. We can collect user data to find out which areas of the site are functioning well and suggest fixes for parts of the site that aren’t reaching their targets. We find that this real-world data is a great way of refining projects so that they work in the most streamlined way possible.

Metrics to track

As part of our ongoing data analysis to create sites that work in a more efficient way, we have outlined four metrics that you can look at to ensure your site is working as well as it could. We know that a lot of companies question the efficacy of their B2B site or simply have no idea how effective their site is in certain areas. But, by accessing certain mines of data, you can establish a much clearer idea of how your site can work.

One of the most important is site speed. It is also one of the easiest to track. There are plenty of online tools that quickly and affordably tell you how well your site is responding. You can also get some memberships that inform you the moment something is wrong with your site speed. Of course, working with our own web portal development specialists, we can keep an eye on this aspect of your site and make any necessary adjustments so that it works faster. A slow site that takes a few seconds to load could be enough to put off potential customers, so you need to know your site is functioning quickly at all times.

Time on site is another important metric. You need to know how long your visitors are hanging around and which pages they seem to find the most appealing. You can monitor these details using Google Analytics. This will give you a clearer idea of the average time a visitor spends on certain pages and lets you identify pages that are not earning their keep.

Bounce rate is the metric that shows which pages are the ones that are causing people to leave your site. Pages with high bounce rates are the weakest parts of your site, and knowing which ones they are lets you identify the areas that need more work. To reduce bounce rate, you need to make sure searchers can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily on every page. And if a page is not providing this service, then maybe your site could do without it.

The Conversion rate is a tougher metric to track but one that ultimately informs you about how effective your site is. Ideally, you need to keep track of every revenue or lead producing tool on your site, and this will give you a clearer idea about to the conversion rates your site is producing.

As always, our web development services can help you to keep track and monitor all the above data. So, as well as being specialists in custom website designs, we can also help you to keep your B2B website running in the smoothest and most effective way possible.


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Publish on Jan 29 2019