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Over the past 12 months, we have continued to grow our services and staff. After 17 years of positive change, we think that we’re still making a difference. We’re now a full-scale integrated IT and software services specialist. We have a presence both in San Jose in the US and Ahmedabad in India. Our creative team is always learning and striving to be the best, and we’ve been branching out into other areas of IT to keep pace with technological developments. One of the key areas we have been moving into is touch solutions, as these are set to become more important over the coming years.

Why settle with average if you can have the best.

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Our Role

We see our role as delivering the best quality IT services in an industry that is incredibly varied. That means providing services in web design, software development, mobile app development and eCommerce solutions.

Our Vision

We want to continue our move towards becoming a leader in technology provision, establishing fruitful partnerships with start-ups and enterprises of all sizes. In doing so we will share in the emotion, success and achievement of each one of our clients. That’s what inspires and drives us to be the best.

The Mission

The Perception System mission is to deliver fully realised software solutions with guidance and awareness for our clients at every step of the way. All our projects are fully backed up to completion, keeping in step with the latest technological developments. It’s a competitive and evolving marketplace and we aim to give all our customers the edge they need to succeed.

The Team

We’re very proud of our dedicated and knowledgeable team. Their level of expertise and commitment is second to none. But like all things in business, it’s a fluid process. We’ll continue to grow, incorporating new members into what we do, working on ever more challenging projects and growing our skill set to meet the increasingly complex needs of business.

Our Experience

It’s not all about the numbers but they do matter, and they give you a good idea of the experience that we’ve amassed in over 15 years of working in the industry. Here’s a quick look at some of the most important:
7 – The number of ready to use solutions we have at our fingertips to design, build and improve your IT and web presence.
17 – The number of years we have been working hard to deliver clients’ goals and objectives.
113 – The current number of creative minds we have working on our projects at any one time. Each of these minds is highly skilled, experienced and dedicated.
800 – The number of clients we have successfully worked with, designing, improving and innovating new IT solutions and creative processes for them.
3000 – The number of individual projects we have worked on. As you can imagine, there’s not much we haven’t seen, done and improved in all these thousands of projects.
300% – This is perhaps the biggest one for us. This is the size of growth we have achieved in the last 17 years. And we hope to keep on in the right direction, becoming three times bigger still, improving our capability and satisfying more clients.

Our Services

We deliver custom WordPress development services to clients around the world. We are committed to empowering your website using the latest developments in CMS. We believe in the power of WordPress, a platform that is already powering almost a third of all the websites in the world. This includes some of the biggest names in the business, such as BBC America, MTV Music, YouTube and more. They have all seen the power of WordPress and we’d like to show it to you too.
If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing, practical, high-performing website, then this is the platform for you. And using our customisable skills, we can deliver a site exactly as you imagined it to be. What’s more, we do it quickly.
All our services are custom made for you. We use the latest WordPress tools and plugins to create sites that are 100% unique, from personal blogs right the way through to giant eCommerce solutions.
We enhance performance and optimise search engine functionality, keeping websites future proof so they continue to work even when the goalposts shift. And most important of all, our services are scalable and affordable. No matter how big or bold you want your site to be, we deliver at a price that is reasonable and competitive.

Hire your WordPress Developer

When you work with us, you get a dedicated team of wordpress developers committed to working with you to completion. We understand the need for the personal touch, so you won’t ever feel lost or unheard. Our team of creative minds specialise in a number of key areas, including WordPress module development and configuration, CMS development, themes customisation and data migration, SEO compatibility, plugins and much more.
We nurture our talented staff, helping them to achieve their potential, which in turn helps you to realise yours. It’s a positive circle that helps us all to achieve and succeed.
Once again, we’d like to thank you for all your support so far. We have loved every minute of our 17 years and are looking forward to 17 more. With your help and support, we can continue to grow, evolve and innovate. So far, 2018 is shaping up to be another good year, and we would like to wish you every success for the coming months and years. And we look forward to hearing from you soon. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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Publish on May 9 2018