Health Care Case Study

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Health Care Case Study

Gulf Heart Associtaion

Pen, Paper, PHP, Zend Framework, MYSQL, JQuery, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Photoshop.

5.1, XCode 4.2

Perception System was recommended to the GULF SAFE after receiving a positive word-of-mouth referral for work done for a satisfied customer. After a successful proposal process, we met with the Gulf SAFE team (Sponsers, Coordinators, investigators) in Dubai and began establishing our understanding of the GULF SAFE and its unique requirements.

Perception System created a web system for the GULF SAFE that included a complete data entry & analytics tool, design and graphic work.

Project Challenges:

The Client’s main goal was to develop the online system based on Clinical Research and Analysis and Interactive Application. The challenge to serve user friendly application for all medical individuals like Doctors, Hospitals, Patients for 7 countries in Gulf.

One of the significant challenges we faced was to make Electronic online analysis application for clinical research. This was quite a unique initiative, ample number of renowned doctors from all over the region going to partnering to combat and going to have research and analysis using our online application. One of the challenges we faced while working on the project was organization of uninterrupted operations both phases and new continues data entry from all users of the site.

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The data entry forms was having large number of inputs fields and we developed a user friendly data application form feeding system such a way any non-technical user can drive it easily and swiftly. One more vital challenge was to have trusted data entry system that feed proper data and to test the entered data for accuracy. As the entries are done manually by the data entry operators, chances of mis-matching or bad data entry became possible. So to ensure that the entered data is 100% correct, the application required the Testing & Data Accuracy feature of the entire recorded data and the provision for entire data repository are re-checked and the information re-matched.


The project lifecycle included Onsite meeting, system analysis, requirements specifications design, application development, graphics and logo design, web design, system testing, documentation creation and constant change requests handling. Several online meetings both on Perception System and the Client’s side were organized to streamline the project flow. Several versions of the application were built and deployed constantly enhancing the functionality. We paid special attention to the system performance and stability due to large number of user base.

Perception System designed the logo, graphics and site with this type of clientele in mind, and built a professional web design of custom applications. Developed backend system to slash administration associated with the online application by providing smart admin panel. Security was an issue as well, for the highly sensitive and private data over the Web. Perception had to ensure that this information was safe and secure. This solution, however, was to be created with an eye to accessibility because the GULF SAFE’s key demographic is medical and generally comprised of non-IT individuals.

Perception role with the GULF SAFE site didn’t end with just web designing and application engineering. Our team also provided training documentation and in-person training sessions for system administrators and doctors. This session was focused not only on the solutions that were put in place, but also on best practices for how to effectively use the application throughout the course of the project. Perception had presentation session at Dubai Film city and trained associated individuals and staff on the unique functionality specific to the system we built for the company.

Technical Details:

The solution is based on Business Intelligence and Analysis system and enhanced with custom functionality developed using PHP platform and Database system using MySql. Many of the portal’s back-end pages use AJAX to provide dynamic update of the content thus increasing usability.


Perception System has developed a multi-faceted and technically advanced website for the client which facilitates the organization’s goal to exhibit its services in the most effective manner. By working hard and using the latest technology, we gave a completely new web 2.0 look to the client’s website, one that is attractive and user-friendly as well. Gulf SAFE online system we developed provided client with complete new spectrum of gathering study data as compared to the old manual system.