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PERCEPTION SYSTEM – an acclaimed Custom WordPress Development Company, is committed to empowering your website using immense CMS capabilities of the latest WordPress revolution and evolution. Our seasoned WordPress experts strive to place your website in parity with world-class brands, which are already thriving on the WordPress ecosystem including Alibaba, America.gov, BBC America, MTV Music, YouTube, Xerox, and many others.

How do you imagine your website? Aesthetically pleasing? Practically functioning with heightened performance? Surprisingly dynamic? Absolutely personalized? High-tech & high-end? The real answer to all of these questions is concealed in our live portfolio

We have experts who can also create the most beautiful online eCommerce stores using the WooCommerce plugin, thereby showcasing their
Woocommerce development skills.

World-class WordPress Development Services You Will Crave

WordPress Customization Services

We are an amicable team of WordPress talents sharpening our nails with the latest WordPress technology updates and tools. We have delivered end-to-end WordPress Website Development Services right from personal blogs to corporate web portals and giant e-commerce solutions.

Enhanced WordPress Development Services

We can enhance the performance and capabilities of your WordPress site with various optimizations including performance, conversion, and search engine optimization. For responsive web design, we optimize the site for mobiles, tablets, etc. For future integrations, we optimize the website for upcoming technologies and trends.

Affordable WordPress Maintenance Services

We keep websites updated, secure, and smoothly running by providing comprehensive WordPress maintenance services through our flexible and affordable packages. Our maintenance services include regular monitoring, debugging, and integration of upcoming technologies and services to give the website an edge in the market.

WordPress CMS Development

We make content the creation process easy, quick, and highly productive to keep your site fresh, updated, and relevant to our WordPress CMS Development abilities.

WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration is always challenging, and we make it hurdle-free yet secure. The process is quick with us infusing our expertise and experiences in the migration from other platforms.

WordPress Installation & Configuration

We turn the complex WordPress installation and configuration process into a simpler one by employing our years of experience with the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

WordPress Payment Solutions

We specialize in Integrating a myriad of payment gateways and methods in our WordPress Website Development services and assure seamless user experience in transactions and payments online.

WordPress Responsive Web Design

As a leading WordPress Development Company, we provide an opportunity to woo your mobile addict vast audience through seamless experiences across all devices and platforms to bring high traffic with an even higher conversion rate.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

As a renowned WordPress Web Development Company, we address the distinct needs of unique businesses. We do so by creating tailor-made plugins, extensions, and components on the WordPress platform. We help you gain much needed leverage over your competitors.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

As a WordPress Theme Development Company, we address bespoken requirements of many WordPress projects by offering unique WordPress themes and templates. It makes your website stand out from the crowd and perform in the desired way.

WordPress E-commerce Solutions

As an acclaimed Custom WordPress Development Company, our expertise also lies in WooCommerce and customized e-commerce development. Our WordPress skills are unbeatable and result in high-performing B2B and B2C solutions.

Our Fortes on WordPress Website Design & WordPress Web Application Development

Web development technologies and tools are advancing and so is the WordPress platform. We bring all the latest nuts-n-bolts on the table to create advanced WordPress Websites Development solutions for you and your business.

Clean Retina Theme

WooCommerce Solution

Uncode Theme Development

SAAS Based Development

WordPress with
Aws Nginx

Mobile First WordPress Development

3rd Party API Integration

Our Efforts for the WordPress Developer Society

We are an advanced custom WordPress Development Company based in the USA. We have noteworthy contributions in WordPress development and maintenance. Through our functional WordPress Template Customization and custom WordPress Plugins Development services, we have given real value to the community as a whole.

Become our WordPress Design and Development Partner

Would you like to know more about our latest exploits in WordPress design and development? Or are you looking into collaborating with us for your web development requirements? We’d love to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us to and we will tailor the best-fit solutions for you

Why Should Our WordPress Development Team be at Your Board?

We at Perception System have invested a lot on the accumulation of real WordPress development talents and resources like infrastructural facilities to provide a creative, collaborative, and conductive development environment in dealing with upcoming big scale challenges. Some extras to our WordPress development services that may attract you to seat with us include:

A Pool of WordPress Flairs

A Pool of WordPress Flairs

WordPress is an ever-changing and ever-growing platform, so our WordPress designers and developers are constantly updating their skill sets with upcoming technologies and tools to offer maximum benefits to our patrons.

Quick Responses

Quick Responses

We are courteous in responding to each query and request as soon as possible with an end-to-end solution. We always try to be true to our words and claims to our clientele, be it delivery dates or milestones fixed prior to the beginning of the project.

Transparency at Core

Transparency at Core

We try to be transparent with each dealing whether it is fixing project cost in our fixed rate engagement model or fixing hourly rate while hiring WordPress developers through our flexible and transparent packages.

Top-Notch Security

Security on Top

We offer safety, security, and comfort to our patrons when they deal with us. NDA signing, employing the latest security practices and technologies to secure data of clients and their businesses help running their WordPress sites smoothly.

Our Differentiators as a Leading WordPress Web Development Company in the USA

There are many traits that make us stand out in the crowd and will want you to make us your long-term WordPress development partner. A few of those are real differentiators, such as:

The price that Suits Anyone

The price that Suits Anyone

Creating impressive websites or churning out WordPress codes intensively is not always a costly affair. We always remain to be competitive as a leading WordPress Development Company in the market so that anyone can approach us and leverage our services extensively.

Remain Quality Focused

Remain Quality Focused

We are eager to provide tangible benefits of our prolonged experience in WordPress designing and programming niches by delivering the highest quality of output. In due course, we take care of each minute detail and honor the wish and needs of our patrons.

Room for Enough WordPress Customization

Room for Enough WordPress Customization

We deliver WordPress web solutions, which are client-centric, as well as end-user centric and customized intensively. We carefully analyze the requirements, target audience, and futuristic trends that reflect all of our WordPress development outputs.

The pool of WordPress Talents

A pool of WordPress Talents

We accumulate and foster talented teams of WordPress designers and programmers by hand-picking them from the vicinity, leaving our footprints everywhere. You have the benefit of multiple niche expertise on the WordPress platform at a single place.

Pixel Perfect WordPress Design

Pixel Perfect WordPress Design

Our constant efforts to be creative has yielded pixel perfect WordPress website designs that end-users love at first glance and proves intuitive when we start diving deeper. We judiciously use UI elements on the WordPress website, so it neither overwhelms your users nor proves deficient during their visit.

Back-end Engineering

Keep UX at Center

We believe that fascinating users with tech innovations are never a winning strategy, but the use of technologies to heighten user experiences may prove a sure-fire way to win the current market. Therefore, our WordPress development team focuses on excellent UX, usability, and performance.

Our Contributions as a Custom WordPress Plugin Development Company

Hire Dedicated
WordPress Developer

Whether you want someone in an existing IT team to improve a software product, or in need of senior WordPress developers with professional expertise to create end-to-end WordPress solutions, we offer top-notch “Hire WordPress Developer” packages to save up to 50%. Are you ready?


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  • 3 to 8 Years of Experience
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Industries We Served Through Our WordPress Development Services

Education & LMS
Education & LMS