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Android Development

Android Software Development

Android is one of a kind mobile development platform, it is open source, free and completely customizable. It is a huge bundle which includes middleware, key mobile applications and operating system. It also has a dedicated SDK which offers tools and APIs to enable third party developers to develop Android software. Through it Android developers can access all hardware (camera, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, Compass, Accelerometer) generally found on mobile devices. Support for various core applications like SMS program, Calendar, E-mail Client, Browser, Maps, Contacts and others helps develop better applications.

Perception System started Android software development with the same intention as we had when we entered other web development niches and that was to deliver the best to clients. Our Android software solutions are known to help clients mobilize their processes so as to add even more efficiency to their processes. They also help clients to have latest updates about their processes and all other related things.

Android Software Development the Perception System Way

Mobile device manufacturers have suddenly increased the use of Android, even top tier manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson have started offering new range of mobile devices, devices powered by Android. It is gradually becoming common in the consumer market. At our Android software development facility we see huge potential for Android as a mobile operating system, offering and creating demand for Android development.

Perception System’s rigorous approach to Android software development makes us stand out in the crowd. First we analyze the project in detail, set goals and prepare a roadmap to help us reach those goals. The three D’s as in Defining, Designing and Developing Android software have been the stepping stones of our work. Android software development done at Perception System is vast, it caters to all industries like utility, game, m-commerce, m-banking, finance, entertainment, construction, real estate, and others.

Hire Android Software Developer for Specific Needs

This is an open option for all clients to hire Android software developer from our team of experienced and well trained Android developers. Through this option clients can select the resource of their choice, who will exclusively work on their projects. Also clients get the resource of their choice, to work on the project of their choice, all while saving some bucks.

Reliable Android Software Development at Perception System

Promising something and fulfilling the promise for something are two different things, promises are easy to make, but difficult to fulfill. Android software development companies are many, all of them promise to deliver the best of the services, however only few have the capabilities to actually fulfill their promises. Perception System believes in fulfilling promises, we believe in promising only that what is possible in real. When clients work with us they are able to benefit even more from us as we offer:

  • Best of the services at the most economical prices
  • Regular meetings to discuss the project short comings and ways to overcome them
  • Talented developers with the ability to complete different level projects with relative ease
  • Android customization is not all that difficult for us
  • Fragment based application design

Our vast experience, vast portfolio of previous work done, make us most capable for any Android software development project

  • Pics
    40 Hadith of Messenger S.A.W.
    It touch the various aspects of a person's life and all clearly convey two very important and key el
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    Images optimized for Android-based viewing.
    Gujarati translation along with English translation.
    Support for Landscape and Portrait Viewing.
    Easy navigation using just the flick of a finger.
    Indexing for faster navigation.
    Uncompromised clarity for landscape as well as portrait orientation.
    Simple yet elegant design suitable for the actual purpose.
    Application Key Generation and signing
  • Pics
    Michael jackson - The Life
    King of Pop, recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time. A singer, dancer, song-write
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    Category wise listing of Fruit Smoothie Recipe.
    Sub-listing on the same page for easier navigation.
    Optimized for navigation using thumb.
    Facility to assign Favourite or Unfavourite to the desired Recipe.
    Attractive listing of Ingredients.
    Step by Step explanation of procedure to prepare each smoothie.
    Search feature to enable searching a particular recipe in the innumerable ones we have listed.
    Interactive Randomize feature for the inventive cook in you.
    Support for Landscape and Portrait Viewing.
    Uncompromised clarity for landscape as well as portrait orientation.
    Simple yet elegant design suitable for the actual purpose.
  • Pics
    Gyro Galaxy
    The wonderful cross platform arcade game. A challenge is to cross the twisted track covered by glowi
    Technology :
    Services Provided by PS
    High Resolution Graphics
    5 differenttracks of varied diffculty
    Amazing conrollers
    Cool animation and sound effects
    High scores
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