15 Eye-catching & Inspirational HTML5 Powered Websites To Look

We all know that HTML5 has finally replaced HTML4 with its advanced multimedia integration and animation capabilities.
It is a rearward compatible and runs on almost every obtainable browser, including mobile platforms. Moreover, it also provides quicker load times and smoother connection with third-party applications.
Today, you can find a lot of HTML5 powered websites that are highly beautiful and inspirational and can easily draw the attention of various people worldwide.
However, it is impossible to check all the HTML5 powered websites, so here I have listed 20 eye-catching and inspirational websites that are coded in HTML5.
You can get huge inspiration from the below mentioned HTML5 websites that have incredible designs and directions. Additionally, these websites can convince you to give a chance to HTML5 while designing your next website:

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds
Angry Bird Space is the most beautiful and exclusive HTML5 powered website that is known for its unique design concept among its visitors. A must to check-out website Angry Bird Space is a truly an inspirational site for people, who are wanted to get a unique website for their business.

Black 5

Black 5 is another exceptional yet feature-rich website that is coded in HTML5. The design and look of this website is completely innovative, so you can give a quick look on this website and see the power of HTML5.

Cheese Please

Cheese Please is an amazing gaming website that coded in HTML5. A killer look giving website, Cheese Please is must to check-out site as it is built very exceptional with advanced features. Moreover, the design this website is completely unique, just have a look on it.

Magic Close Up

Magic Close Up is my personally favorite HTML5 website that built so amazingly with the exceptional colors and design. The website is designed and developed by Perception System, a well-known HTML5 website development company in India. Magic Close Up is a magician’s website that gives complete information about it exclusively.

Digital Hands

Digital Hands is also an HTML5 powered website that offers solutions for special projects followed by the new media agency dynamics and development. A completely exceptional site, Digital Hands looks perfect that you can check.

Asics – StopAtNothing

ASICS is one of the biggest eCommerce websites that is powered by HTML5. The website sells a comprehensive range of sports clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. Just give a look on this amazing website and see how beautiful it developed and mentioned every single product.

Coming Soon

Coming soon
Coming Soon is also a uniquely design HTML5 based website that gives marvelous look than ordinary website. This website is of digital strategies, offering website development and attracts the right visitors!

CSS Piffle Pitch Deck

CSS Piffle Pitch Deck is another one of my favorite HTML5 websites that designed and developed very remarkably. A completely unique concept of this website will surely make your mouth open. The website of website design tool that is must to have tool for web designers.


DotFusion is the biggest company that develops and executes marketing campaigns, websites, mobile apps, digital strategy and social programs. The website of DotFusion is designed and developed outstandingly as it is coded in HTML5. By looking at this website, you will know the power of HTML5.


Inze.It is the HTML5 powered website of digital agency that has a strong focus on retail. The company offers ground-breaking solutions for its customers as its website.

HTML5 Readiness

HTML5 Readiness
HTML5 Readiness is another HTML5 based website that designed and developed very carefully and wonderfully. Have a quick look on this website!

Nike – AirJordan 2012

One of the biggest sports products selling website Nike is also has an HTML5 based website for their valuable customers. For beautiful product catalogs and other exclusive features, there is nothing better than HTML5.

Slavery Foot Print

Slavery FoodPrint is the most beautiful website that coded in HTML5 programming language. The website is all about discovering the connection to modern-day slavery.

The Wilderness Downtown

The Wilderness Downtown is an official website of an interactive multimedia video that coded in HTML5. The video was published to show-off capabilities of the new Google Chrome Browser. The website of it is designed and developed very uniquely.

Wired Mind

Mind at Wired
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When it comes to Wired Mind, it is a visualization tool, offering a great chance to browse the content on The official website is an HTML5 powered site and it is completely unique site that I have ever seen. The entire design and concept of this website are exceptional.
Thus, these are the top 15 HTML5 powered websites that may have grabbed your attention with their unique features, design and concept. If you are also looking for HTML5 website that best meets your business requirements, you can hire a professional HTML5 website developer from any trusted HTML5 development company. Please feel free to contact us with your enquiry for developing HTML5 powered website.

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