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10 Secret Tips To Hire Web Developer for Your New Business Project


It’s a crowded market with tech professionals and thus, it becomes difficult for anyone to find experienced and talented web developer, who really care about their development work.

This thing especially occurs in a case of programmers where their qualification may not exactly match with their talent. There are lots of hackers, whose resume say that they have 5+ years of experience in ‘X’ framework and worked on many projects.

However, the piece of paper doesn’t show that how much developer has smartness and talent related to their work. It is important to consider when someone looking to hire web developers for their project.

Here, are some tips you should consider when hiring talented developers for your project.

Think for future

Just hiring a great developer is not a task of today. You have to choose web developers, who are capable to handle future needs. It seems to be forward-thinking mentality for new business startups.

For example: if we are using Zend today, tomorrow it doesn’t have that charm. Thus, it is essential to hire web developers, who have forward thinking and can tackle problem of future.

No matter, technology changes, you should hire developer with whom you feel secure and they are ready to adapt new technology easily.

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Test Novice Developer with Small Project

No matter you have to hire ideal developer for your project; however, you have to ensure to give him/her small project for testing purpose.

With that, you can easily check person’s capability and get extra information about him beyond interviewing when hire.

Moreover, you can also get an idea about how candidate excellently delivers products with your expected features.

You can also get answers of many questions like how creative your candidate is? How she/he does his/her job? And so on.

Appoint Slow, Fire Quick

When hiring any professional, it is advisable to take enough time to decide whether your chosen candidate is appropriate for the position or not. In case, you realize that your selected candidate isn’t working properly then fire him/her as quick as possible.

Having an unproductive web developer can create trouble for entire team and may spoil entire project.

Explore Portfolio

Before choosing any person for your project/company, you have to ensure to check his/her created websites (portfolio) that are similar to your project’s budget.

Moreover, you have to ensure that you like their work as your new website somehow seems like that.

Moving to the next level, you have to contact some other clients to see whether or not they are happy with their outcome.

Stay Away From Quiet Nerds

Never underestimate a true geek’s creativity, however, you have to ensure to make yourself a leader. Those people, who are not a great communicators shouldn’t be considered.

You have to find such person who has capability of speaking. It would be great to highlight the potential of developers, who can write and teach.

Additionally, you have to think of such people, whom you have heard talks about programming and who’s coding inspires you.

Go through Social Media Profiles

Most of the people are displaying their perfect character on social media websites. No matter what network it could be, you have to spend some time to explore your candidate’s social media profile to check out what he/she been up to and how they are managing a web presence.

You may find candidate that could have a character that is not compatible with your start-up team.

Social media is the best platform where people share their frustration by tweeting or updating status on Facebook. One shouldn’t want to hire web developer, who tries to share professional views on social media, no matter how he/she experienced in coding.

Have A Smart Conversation

It is a waste of time to ask candidates questions like “In what year PHP introduced?”. Here, we have listed some important questions that you must ask to your candidates like:

What language do you like to build?
Why do you like this language?
What has been the most challenging project you work on?

Asking such type of questions will create challenge for them to customize their skills. Through such questions, you can able to measure how talented and experience your candidate is.

Working in Team is Must

Hire web developers who have capability to work in a team. He/she has ability to handle simple to difficult task and can work together with a team. Ensure to check whether he/she can participate with the whole team or not.

Quality Never Comes in Cheap Rate

Experienced developers always charge high rates. Actually, expensive developer is an example of how confident he/she in their capability and coding knowledge. It doesn’t my mean to hire only expensive programmer for your project.

Here, the point is developers know you want some discount on their service and thus, they will come with different rates. You should be intelligent to manage how to grab that expensive rate. But, don’t choose the cheap quality.

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Don’t be Exact

There are people finding difficulty to have a perfect web developer/programmer, as they are specific about their requirements. One might want a front-end developer, who has good knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery, however, it is compulsory that developer also has an experience of MySQL and PHP.

When it comes to skills, ensure to be clear about “have to” and “musts” otherwise, an outstanding developer might not apply for the job. Also, make sure to provide training.

Above given are 10 important tips that you must follow when hiring a web developer/programmer for your business site. If you hire web developers, who complete your project successfully then contact Perception System, a leading web development company.

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