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10 Features Every Real Estate Portal Should Have


Mobiles have changed the scenario of many industries by bringing everything at your fingertips. Real estate is one of the most impacted domains. When you create a website or web portal for real estate client, your concerns must be to provide a feature-rich, usable, and high performing outlets on the web.

Let’s see how the top ten essential features in a real estate portal in this Infographics

real estate portal development


With the advent of digitalization of the real estate industry, web portals are changing in many respects. However, we have seen core features in the Infographics to assure success in the competitive market.

Furthermore, the mere inclusion of advanced features is not guaranteed for the smooth running of your real estate business. What you need is proper functioning and regular updates. Therefore, Perception System, USA offers exclusive real estate portal development & maintenance services through outsource website maintenance packages. Would you like to know more about it? Let’s have exchanges of a few words about it.