commas-leftWith advancements in every sector, medical professionals are also taking a step further and exploring the modern advancements with the help of patient portals. What are these patient portals and how do they impact the patients? How do these portals help generate business? Let’s find out!commas-right

Patient portal website is a much-talked technology of the coming age, especially for hospitals and medical professionals. However patient portals use ‘THE TOOL’ to boost-out patient engagement?

This blog explains in detail what are patient portals and how does it prove to be worthwhile for your patients?

What are patient portals?

A patient portal is a website that is connected online to the electronic health record. It helps patient access all of their data. Thus, a healthcare portal lets you have access to various data types such as their lab results, family histories, summaries or immunisation history. An ideal portal should provide you all of this data. An online patient portal software comes with a lot of features such as direct secure messaging, scheduling an online appointment and securely paying your bills online.

However, a large number of them do not have such elaborate data. The data available through these portals depends on the portal vendor and the standards of the respective healthcare family.

How often are patient portals used?

Medical portal websites are becoming increasingly popular these days. According to the National Information Technology(ONC), 64% of hospitals let their patients access the health data, and 51% had the secure texting feature enabled on these portals.patient portals

The patient portals are not just restricted to laptops and can be accessed through mobiles and tablets as well. According to a recent survey conducted by HIMSS, 58% of healthcare professionals connect to their patients using mobile-optimized patient portals. The web portal development company have a major role here as they use these tools to help boost the portal by increasing patient engagement and thus help the medical professionals serve outside their clinics.

What are the benefits?

Having access to their own health records brings awareness amongst the patients about their health. Thus, they are prepared to interact better with their providers and understand their conditions better.

Patient portals increase patient loyalty. Several features like secure messaging help develop a strong bond between patient and their doctors, which makes them feel comfortable with their needs, hence they keep coming back to the same professional again and again.

Prevents chronic diseases: Having your health records by your side all time keeps the patient alarmed and they can intervene early if they have too, thus saving them for a long term disease.

What does the target audience think?

medical portal website
While working on a project, it is always important to consider what your target audiences think about the same. In this case, it is your patients. According to ONC, more than 80% of the patients using online patient portal software found it extremely beneficial.

hospital patient portal

Another study showed that patients that used the patient portal actively had a higher rate of medication adherence for they were always alarmed about their treatment plans. Thus, not only do we have positive feedback from our target audience, it helps them take better care of their health, which is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Considering the plethora of benefits that the patients receive, they sure appreciate it and welcome it. However, the portal providers have their own set of benefits.
They manage to have a long term patient relationship, and not just building patient loyalty and enhancing care.

This bidirectional relationship is not only a convenient option for medical professionals, but it also saves a lot of administrative burdens.


While medical portal website seems enticing for both the parties, they do not sound effective it takes a lot of effort to convince the patients. The count of a medical portal is surely increasing, but there is a lot of room for it to grow. Explaining the benefits of the portal is not just enough. The providers should be open to adoption with every encounter, which helps them grow as a brand.

Several factors such as the literacy rate of the patients, their age, etc play an important role in determining the success rate of the portal. Besides, with the elder people being more comfortable with the technology, it becomes easier for them to log in to a portal and check their mental health.

Thus, by understanding the increasing popularity of hospital patient portals and their uses, the hospitals can boost up patient engagement and increase their brand awareness. All they have to do is target their engagement strategies and make more use of the portal adoption, that helps them treat their patients in the longer run.

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