Case Study for Healthcare Industry to Enrich Hospital Care

What Our Client Was Expecting on this Web Application Project?

The main objective of the client was to create an online website exclusively for the healthcare industry in the region involved in clinical research. The client was a prestigious institution in Saudi Arabia, GULF HEART ASSOCIATION. It wants to connect various hospital centers across the country with a user-friendly online application to accumulate required data for research on hearts and associated medical issues.

The client has got our recommendations from one of our satisfied clients with a positive word-of-mouth reference.

How Perception System Evaluated Needs of Client?

How Perception System Evaluated Needs of Client.

  • We have analyzed the ground requirements and expectations thoroughly.
  • Based on the findings, we have developed the entire project plan and defined milestones, as well as deliverables accordingly.
  • We have decided the right development methodology and strategies based on the nature of the project.
  • We have accomplished project documentation and NDA process to begin the project at the right time.

What Challenges Perception System Faced in Project?

  • One of the significant challenges we faced was to make an online digital analysis application for clinical research.
  • It was quite a unique initiative where a big number of renowned doctors from all over the region is going to participate to combat in clinical research and analysis challenges faced in the region by using our online application.
  • One more vital challenge was to have trusted data entry system that feeds proper data and to test the entered data for accuracy. As the entries are done manually by the data entry operators, chances of miss-matching or bad data entry became possible.

Genuine Approaches Taken by Team of
Software Developers at Perception System

We have demonstrated our understanding and strengths in healthcare web development to the client-side teams. We have allocated a dedicated team of business analysts, project research and analysis developers, web designers, web programmers, QA developers, DevOps, and support team.

Our main focus was on system performance and stability due to a vast user-base on front-end and back-end sides.


We have planned to create a web system for the STARS, which had included a CRF Entry, CRF Follow-ups Entry, and Dashboard (for analytics, charts, statistics, design, and graphics work)


We have established a communication channel to establish dynamic conversations between the client-side teams and development teams using the latest communication technologies including email, live chat, instant messengers, VOIP, and video chats.

Defining Project Lifecycle

The project lifecycle included System Analysis, Requirements Specifications Design, Application Development, Web Design, System Testing, and Constant Change Requests Handling.


To ensure that the entered data is 100% correct, the application required the Testing & Data Accuracy feature. It is for the entire recorded data and the provision for entire data repository re-checked and the information re-matched.

Support & Maintenance

The role of Perception System was not ending with web designing and web application development but extended throughout the software lifecycle including supports and maintenance. It was one of the commitments to the client.

Our Journey throughout Web Development

Our Journey towards the Solution was challenging enough during the life cycle of the project. We have come with astounding results in the end, such as

Unique Forms

Data entry forms required a large number of input fields with a range of needs. Therefore, we have designed user-friendly forms with the latest practices prevailing on the web. It made life easy for non-tech and non-medicos to fill up forms swiftly and accurately.


We developed a backend system to slash administration associated with the online application by providing a smart admin panel.


Security was an issue as well, for the highly sensitive and private data over the Web. Therefore, Perception had ensured that the information was safe and secure.


However, a system created with an eye to accessibility because the GULF HEART ASSOCIATION’s key demographic consisting of medical and non-IT individuals.

Business Logic

The solution is based on Business Intelligence and Analysis system and enhanced with custom functionality.

Striking Features in Web Application

Attractive front-end

We have created an attractive UI for each page and screen using the latest web designing practices.

Functional Back-end

A decent control panel, dashboard, advanced visual presentation tools like charts, graphs, and real-time illustrations.

Support for Multiple Users

Allow allocation of multiple roles to different levels of users on each center.

Info Management

Hospital Information Management modules with import-export facilities.

CRF Management

CRF data import-export and reports through emails.


Guidelines, tutorials, editing tools, and timeline sequences.

Technologies We Used in Web Development

We have enhanced custom functionality using the following programming technologies, frameworks, and database system.







The Final Result


We have divided projects into a series of milestones because of its size. We have received payment accordingly from the client.


We had successfully developed a multi-faceted and technically advanced website facilitates the organization’s goal to exhibit its services most attractively.


The client team has expressed satisfaction with a completely new web 2.0 look and user-friendliness. STARS online system has provided the client a new spectrum of accumulating data against the traditional system.

Client’s Feedback

“Credits to Perception System, STARS is now providing a new spectrum of data gathering against the traditional approaches used before. The web system with a user-friendly online application inclusive of CRF Entry, CRF Follow-ups Entry, and Dashboard facilitates the goals of GULF HEART ASSOCIATION Saudi Arabia. Today, we are connected with various hospitals centers across the country with a user-friendly online application to accumulate required data for research on hearts and associated medical issues.”