Cloud Word iPad Case Study

Each project has its challenges our case studies are for clients, interested in knowing our work approach. It is our way to show our client how we work to satisfactory compelte projecs on time while working hand in hand with them.

Cloud Word iPad Case Study

iPad Case Study

Apple thunders in the mobile market with its excellent versions of iPad devices, so iPad application development companies try their hands to deliver robust apps that make iPad more advanced. We, at Perception System, also make 100% effort to serve high-end solution to our iPad device user at their budgeted cost.

Cloud Word iPad Case Study


X-code 4.0, audio toolbox framework, custom text editor framework, quartz 2d, core graphics framework

Education Application for iPad

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Client is from the education industry and believes in using technology to the maximum to make it easier for students to understand, refer to and grasp lectures taught in class. In his years of experience our client has observed that often students get too busy taking down notes during class and pay less attention to what is being taught.

Our client thus came up with an excellent iPad application concept which would make it easier for students to take notes during lectures and better grasp its content.


Perception Systems challenge was to weave client’s idea of the application into a completely functional iPad application. No doubt our client’s idea was unique but the biggest challenge for us was adjusting the ergonomics. The application was to be used by those attending lectures so it definitely had to be simple, light weight, fast and user friendly. Next challenge was to select a platform which would allow us the technological edge needed for the application.

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After a few months of research, development and persuasion we were able to come up with Cloud-word a perfect solution for students to allow them to not only take notes during class but also record the entire lecture in one go. Just install the application and you are on the go for a much interactive class.


Students can benefit from the following features of the application:

  • Rich text solution to take down smart notes using the virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • Take images or use the existing ones on the multimedia editor
  • One push email, push the button to directly compose and send the email
  • Create projects and clouds to arrange all documents related to a particular class, subject, topic etc.
  • Glossary to define terms used in the entire lecture, a cloud will appear over all such words mentioned in the glossary
  • Audio recording is the best feature of the application allowing students to record lectures at the same time when they take notes

Cloud-word is a one of its kind of application making it really easy to take down notes when attending lectures. Most of the educational iPad applications available in the market offer basic features and are scattered among different applications. Cloud-word on the other hand has a combination of features in a single product.


X-code 4.0, audio toolbox framework, custom text editor framework, quartz 2d, core graphics framework

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