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Leverage our proactive Learning capabilities with a modern tech stack to scale up your educational and training services.

We are here to help you significantly improve the usability of your learning and training solution whether it is for the eLearning portal, Enterprise Learning Management System, or Corporate Training App, we ensure to provide that too at an affordable price using our web-based portal development & software programming expertise.

E-learning Integration
& Consulting

We integrate the latest Learning System and Technologies to deliver excellent online education experiences to enhance the overall educational practices both on-campus and off-campus for universities, higher education, and trade education

Training Portals

Web-based training systems to weigh business goals and provide solutions accordingly, we provide computer-based individual courseware and computer-based training development through the Internet/intranet for businesses, and corporate establishments.

Mobile eLearning

To provide visual and immersive online learning experiences with the essential functionalities of an education portal, we provide convenience both to the learners and educators by making the portal available in mobile gadgets in the form of mobile applications.

Case Study

BML Munjal University

BML Munjal University is a private university – Opt LMS system with an online learning experience to enable Innovative Teaching, Learning & Research Environment.


eLearning Solution

We developed online education and learning portals which are engineered to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments and have amazing access to courses, events, culture and all of the good stuff life has to offer.

eLearning & Training Website Development with the perfect strategy in industries

To have online learning solutions similar to best online learning platforms like Skillshare, MasterClass, Udemy,,,,, Khan Academy, Byju’s or custom E-learning requirement; is a way to develop more efficient, cheaper and requires less time commitment than the offline education system.

Perception System provides an integrated, scalable and mobile-friendly e-learning portal as per your education business that conforms to your business brand and needs.

Education Providers

We empower educators to reach their learners and dwell in the online education orbit. We help educational institutes, universities and colleges towards result-oriented e-learning solutions.

Corporate & Enterprises

We help small to large enterprises develop and implement various levels of corporate training, customer knowledge base, user education and learning solutions to drive high performance on enterprise outcomes.

Personalize Learning

Through digital education, we help every student’s needs that come with their academic success. We build intuitive e-Learning applications that empower students to learn at their own pace of various user groups.


Course & Content Management System

We engineer and deliver course management & study material management solutions complying with SCORM / AICCto publish e-learning content across the platforms.


Content Authorization

We develop learning solutions that incorporate the content creation and authorizing tool with customized content authoring solutions.



From self-guided learning management systems to secure, remote access to resources, our e-learning solutions are empowered by LMS platforms.


Virtual Class

We provide learning portals with virtual classroom solutions that make your students be in class while sitting at their home and can learn intellectually and socially.



We build information and knowledge structures easily discoverable for your users with an interactive web interface that makes knowledge sharing more effective.


Multilingual Content Development

We are having the expertise to develop a multilingual website that approaches using the latest technologies, tools, and methods to address worldwide.


Video-Based Training Solutions

Use a powerful combination of our eLearning streaming content development for interactive audio-visual media and gamification to deliver live on-demand VoD content.



We seamlessly integrate communication channels into your business workflows through robust, easy-to-use Custom Communication Interfaces.


E-learning reporting and analytics

We develop a suitable analytical toolkit, educators can measure the success of training programs, students’ progress, identify weaknesses and timely correct learning activities


Learning Solutions

We ensure a unique learning experience by taking advantage of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that enabling with AR/VR, ML/AI

How We Develop Training & Education Software

Perception System provides unparalleled solutions that promote positive user experiences for scalable and mobile-friendly Training, Coaching and Learning Management System that conform to your education establishments, universities, high schools, business brand and needs. Our talented development team and portal specialists’ fruition and comprise on your project will come to the fastest yet cost-effective outcomes.

Continuing Training Software

We create interactive architecture for one-way training, which allows individuals to virtually attend a live demo and online training. We develop custom training software that includes tools for screen-sharing, session recording into corporate training platforms.

Seamless Web-Based Training System

To provide computer-based courseware through the Internet or intranet to infuse the best user experiences. We use the latest development technologies to deliver excellent Web-Based Training (WBT), Computer Based Training (CBT) experience.

Web Portals &
Intranet Solutions

With innovative cutting edge technologies that provide user-friendly, excellent and advanced features for its stakeholders and students to take your business to a global extent and allow you to manage the entire aspect of the Online Education Ecosystem.

Online Training Solutions for Corporates

Enterprise Learning Management System

Learning Application for Enterprise Mobility

Custom E-learning Web Application

Web-Based Training Platform

Computer-Based Training Platform

E-Learning Solutions for Educational Institutions

Digital Learning Platforms for Higher Education

Learning Management Systems (LMS) App

E-Learning Start-up Strategy

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