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10 Excellent Healthcare Mobile Apps to Check Your Health


Healthcare is in the center of a mobile revolution and many doctors are using mobile application to treat their patients through latest technology. Here are some excellent mobile healthcare applications that help doctors to check their patients and allow them to stay in touché to exchange health information.


WhatsMyM3 is a remarkable health application developed by Perception System. It consists of 27 question confidential screen that you can complete at Once, your questions are finished, you will get an overview of your potential risk of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or PTSD on the basis of research published in the Annals of Family Medicine. This application is easily available at Google Play and Apple Store to download.

Free Download On :

WhatsMyM3 App StoreWhatsMyM3 Google play

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I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App is one of the excellent #1 pregnancy tracker and calendar application that guides you through every single day until due to delivery date. This application also provides updates with articles, tips, pregnancy videos, and more. Even, mother can track and learn about her pregnancy symptoms.

Free Download On :

Pregnancy App StorePregnancy Google play

Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet

Fooducate – Healthy Food Diet is excellent application that allows you to scan the barcode on food packaging and gives you easy to digest nutritional information. This is only application that looks beyond the calorie and helps you eat healthy and tasty. Users can also find healthier alternatives with Fooducate.

Free Download On :

Fooducate App StoreFooducate Google play


WebMD is popular and long established source for medical information that comes with mobile application. Its mobile application provides information management in an easy-to-use format. In single application, you can have many features, including symptom checking, drug side effects, pill identification, first aid essentials, etc. that provides information easily and quickly.

Free Download On :

WebMD App StoreWebMD Google play

RunKeeper – GPS Track Run Walk

Being a GPS-based run tracking app, RunKeeper provides maps, rich graphics and other statistics of user’s running activity in simple user interface. Using this application, you can simply track cycling speed, route distance, running pace, elevation and calorie burn for any fitness activity – in high accuracy and real time!

RunKeeper App StoreRunKeeper Google play


An award-winning application, iBlueButton provides a secure and convenient access to their users with appropriate personal health information so they can easily share their health information with doctors.

Free Download On :

iBlueButton App StoreiBlueButton Google play


iTriage is one of the best Health, Doctor, Symptom & Healthcare Search app that find out medications, diseases, and medical locations and instantly get answers to your questions on your smart device. This marvelous application provides you quick access to a huge healthcare & medical database instantly. iTriage also provides Hospital Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities at average wait times.

Free Download On :

iTriage App StoreiTriage Google play


Couch-to-5K application helps new runners avoid injury from doing too much, too soon. This application has a workout that designed to take 30 minutes per day, 3 days per week, for 9 weeks. Moreover, it also helps to hear real-human audio cues that guide users through each workout.

Free Download On :

Couch-to-5K App StoreCouch-to-5K Google play

Strava Cycling

Strava Cycling application tracks your runs and rides with GPS. This application also views your activity map as you recorded. It also provides stats for speed, elevation gained, distance, pace, and calories burned.

Free Download On :

Strava Cycling App StoreStrava Cycling Google play

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Using this application, one can easily track their Fitbit activity tracking directly using their smart device. Fitbit helps you to track with Fitbit’s line of activity trackers and Aria Smart Scale to access all your stats on the move. With this remarkable mobile application, users can track calorie consumption and amount burned that helps to lose weight.

Free Download On :

Fitbit App StoreFitbit Google play

These are some excellent Healthcare Mobile Apps that helps to track your health. We have also listed some application for doctors to save their patient’s health record. For more information about Healthcare Mobile Apps, click here.

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