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13 Effective Social Media Marketing Resources


How many of you all are looking to retweets, reposts and returns on your marketing investments? Well, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to enlarge their knowledge of this ever-changing ecosystem.

For all the newbies and social media users, various social media marketing resources are obtainable that can help in expanding knowledge of this ever-changing scenario.

Here, you can find 13 social media marketing resources that are mainly designed to boost your social media plea and make sure that you get the most followers, fans and satires for your efforts.


OptinMonster is one such WordPress plugin that developed to help amass email subscribers.


It is embeddable in different forms on your website. When it comes to one of the best forms, popup is an excellent choice that appears when users are going to bounce from your website.

This is one such resource that knows the person is leaving your website when the mouse is moved outside of the viewable page. It is also helpful in drawing attention back to your website with either an alternative in form or an offer dialogue.

For all those people, who are running a WordPress website, this is a great option due to its ease of installation. Moreover, it is the best and lead-generation plugin that surely works wonderfully for your website.

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Quora’s Social Media Marketing Forum

A nifty question-and-answer website ‘Quora’ enables users to develop, answer and edit questions on different topics.


Today, Quora’s well-known forum is Social Media Marketing that features questions and answers on this hot topic.

In short, we can say that it is the best source for knowledge, so businesses can make use of this resource and get a lot of benefits.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is consider as your ultimate guide to the social media jungle as this resourceful place packed with wonderful resources along with its own regular blog posts.

Social Media Examiner

Readers just have to sign-up as a subscriber and get posts delivered to their inbox and a free Facebook marketing video tutorial. One can get much-required social media marketing tools, how-to-guides and other media marketing information by following this blog as it is considered an assured way of doing such things.

So, subscribe this blog and never miss another great article from Social Media Examiner.


Now, making the popular and utility infographics becomes a lot easier as these are considered as a wonderful way through other websites to link back to your material.


This website can help you to enhance your search engine page rankings.However, Pikochart is an affordable option for developing infographics using the pre-defined templates.

As compare to other options, Pikochart is an excellent choice for all those people, who are looking to enhance their share-ability and offer an excellent source of back-links to your website.


Hubspot is your marketing resource hub that is a great source for all the marketing tools, webinars, ebooks and templates you need to learn, do, or reference for your marketing. It is a home of Mike Volpe and Dan Zarella.


Being a frequent distribution of social media data and webinars, this website has a good blog that you should not miss. Remember that they are an Internet marketing company and have an agenda, so make use of this social media marketing resource and never miss great articles.

Razor Social

Now, you can sharp insights on social media tools and technology as Razor Social is a fantastic option in terms of applicable social media marketing blogs to follow. However, most of the posts are written by Ian Clearly, the founder of RazorSocial.

Razor Social

This high-end social media marketing resource gives a lot of recommendations for boosting the number of blog comments as you should make it easy yet simple to comment.

You should also remember to link back to a commenter’s blog post and make sure that you have multiple comment options.

Smart Brief for Social Media

Smart Brief for Social Media is a great and best practical tips for social media and digital marketers.

Smart Brief for Social Media

Is modifying daily newsletter round-up the top social media stories of the day? An editorial team of it brags Andy Sernovitz, former CEO of WOMMA.

Here, you can find original content for different business verticals like executive leadership and management, social media marketing, food & beverage, education and finance.

Developed by the same group of people, who bring you your favorite SmartBrief newsletters, SmartBlogs is a great choice.


PostAcumen is an acute Facebook Analytics as it is an excellent tool that especially designed for Facebook.


Being a more than an analytics dashboard, PostAcumen offers you with actionable information on tasks that you can easily perform to enhance page visibility.

PostAcumen provides a lot of tips like types of content to post, what types of images work best and why and competitor/other brand’s post analysis.

Who’s Blogging What

Who’s Blogging What is one of the best places that collect great from the blogsphere. Often, it is the source of social media nuggets.

Who s Blogging What

Being the most popular email newsletter, it can be used by thousands of online marketing professionals, who use to stay current on social media, user experience, search marketing, email and web analytics. It is a great option for you to subscribe this email newsletter.

Jon Loomer Digital

Are you interested in coaching or training courses on social media marketing? If yes, you should book a session with Jon Loomer, a self-professed “computer nerd” as he is in the social media industry since beginnings.

Jon Loomer Digital

However, Loomer ran the leagure’s first-ever Facebook group as a blogger and community manager for Moreover, he also helps with brand awareness, conversion, revenue with more than Five years’ of Facebook experience from a business point of view.


We all know that developing high-conversion landing pages for your business’ website can be a quite daunting task.


You can see that in their introduction video, LeadPages explained their “95% – 5%” rule that shows how 5% of revenue and conversions come from 5% of your site’s pages.

This resource is looking for facilitating the creation of those “5% pages”. Moreover, it also makes landing pages simple to set-up, enabling users to bypass developers and designers.

So, you can make use of LeadPages that is Internet’s easier next generation and lead generation platform.

Little Bird

Are you looking forward for recognizing key influencers within your business’ niche?

Little Bird

If yes, Little Bird can help you out as it is based on the concept of any given person having a “score” based on how powerful this person is within your niche on social media.

You should always keep it in mind that the more influencer scores, the more influence their retweets and reposted content is for your business. So, it is best for you to subscribe Little Bird.

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Viewbix helps you to drive leads from your videos as it is based across customizing video players – one can add opt-in email subscription forms at the beginning, middle or end of the video. For common videos, it also generates extra functionality.


Moreover, Viewbix makes it easy for you to personalize and increase default video players and capture and convert leads. You can also examine the efficiency of videos with analytics and create email forms and videos as well.

So, these are the top social media marketing resources that can help businesses and other people to boost their knowledge in this ever-changing ecosystem. Newbies and social media mavens can get huge help from these resources.

Keep visiting our blog for more information on social media marketing and its related solutions as here you can find top stories and latest news on social media marketing!

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