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5 Real Estate Portals That help to Purchase Your Property


In the last two decades, the real estate business has grown tremendously. It is a big business with millions of dollars. Early in 2000’s India saw lots of property portal that helps people to buy and sell their real estate. Right now, the top 5 property portals in India are

Those people, who are finding difficult in choosing a proper real estate portal to buy or sell property, can have below given list.

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Now, you were thinking how we have done property portals ranking, let me tell you, we turned to Alexa to see the global and Indian internet traffic rankings of the property portals. Look out the image to know more.

RankAlexa Ranking GlobleAlexa Ranking IndiaPortalBounce Rate

If we are looking at the Alexa traffic ranking, we found 99acres.com secure its position on the top. The list is being impressive with the 176th most visited website by the people of India.

Magicbricks comes on second position while Commonfloor secures its third place. Indiaproperty and Housing holds fourth and fifth position.

Moreover, if we are looking at the bounce rates, we found Housing is at a cool 29.30% while Indiaproperty is about 50%.

That simply means the average home buyers looking for property on the internet that spends more time on Housing.com than on Indiaproperty.com.

The Moz Ranking System is used in the second round of evaluation in which the top 5 sites are compared that has shortlisted on the basis of the Alexa Ranking.

Look at below given table to know more about the Moz Rank Comparison of the property portals that created by using OpenSiteExplorer:


According to Moz’s ranking system and algorithms, Magicbricks is one of the best portals while Housing comes in second.

Surprisingly, 99acres secured its place on third and Magicbricks walk far beyond from the top position. Indiaproperty comes on fourth and Commonfloor at last place.


Housing.com is one of the leading property portals that comes with remarkable interface and technology that makes easy browsing.

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