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5 Best Smart-watch Apps to Experience World on Your Wrist


When it comes to a smart-watch, it is a great computerized wristwatch that comes with excellent functionality to improve timekeeping.

Frequently, this device is compared to a personal digital assistant (PDA) device.

When the first model of smart-watch launched, it was only performing some basic tasks such as translations, calculations, game-playing and more, but modern smart-watches are completely best and effectively wearable computers. Modern smart-watches are very similar to smart-phones and tablets.

There are lots of smart-watches that run mobile apps very exceptionally; however, some number of models also run mobile OS and function as portable media players, delivering playback of FM, video files, audio and more.

We can also say that pre-installed applications are good, but there are lots of users, who are looking for their favorite third-party services like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So, here you can find 5 must have applications for every successful smart-watch

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the best applications that is must have app for every modern smart-watch. This application helps every user to find their desired destination of the corner of world. Today, numerous people are purchasing smart-watches so it is must for them to get this application in it as it can help them to find the best spots in town and the information that they need to get there.

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Moves is another wonderful app that automatically record any walking, running and cycling that you do. Through this app, users are allowed to view the distance, steps, calories and duration of the each activity. However, this application comes with activity tracker that is always one and there is no need to start and stop it. According to lots of people, who are using smart-watch, it is must have app for them.

Google Hang-outs

Recently, LINE application has been confirmed for the Galaxy Gear, but numerous people are there, who are devotee of any cross-platform messaging service, so Google Hang-outs is one of the best apps that can handle group video calls, but you should feel free to switch this one. For all the smart-watch users, it is a must have application that can handle all the things.

BBC News

For breaking news stories, push notifications are completely best part of the BBC news and numerous people are expecting this application in the smart-watch. It is one such application that provides top stories from the UK and across the world; however, it also personalize your experience by choosing to see the latest news on numerous topics.


As we all know that Evernote is all ready to make its entry for the Galaxy Gear, but what if you get one such app that is all one note taking and productivity. For many of us, Wunderlist is an excellent application that keeps tracking of ongoing tasks with an android, Windows, iOS or Mac device. For every smart-watch, Wunderlist is a must have application as it can make every device successful.

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So, these are five must have apps for every smartwatch as these apps can make every modern smart-watch successful in the market. However, smart-watch user can also opt for apps development for smart-watch in order to get one such app that they want.

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