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6 Highly Demanded Tools for Cross-platform Apps Development



These days, there are lots of companies and organizations that are opting for mobile applications to serve their customers wonderfully. However, developing a mobile application for particular mobile platform is quite expensive, so small and medium-sized companies can’t afford such huge expense.
To make their task of developing mobile application easy, companies can opt for cross-platform solution that allows them to develop a single mobile application for all the mobile platforms. It means users, who will get any type of application that based on cross-platform, can use this single application in different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more.
Today, mobile app developers can find various cross-platform frameworks to opt for and make their task of developing app easy. Let’s have a look on 6 highly demanded tools for cross-platform app development:
Appcelerator Titanium:
Appcelerator Titanium is one of the most widely used cross-platform frameworks that use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Ruby and many more web technologies to develop applications. Users of this framework can develop apps that run on iOS, Android and popular platforms. The best part of this framework is its features and performance that stun users’ mind.
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PhoneGap is second most popular cross-platform framework that enables you to develop highly interactive mobile applications for platforms like Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Bada, Palm and many more. Using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and various other technologies, you can develop any type of app no matter whether it is for your business or personal use.
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RhoMobile is the third highly popular open source framework that can be used for generating cross-platform applications. Mobile apps developers can use this framework to generate enterprise solutions that don’t depend on operating systems, screen sizes and types of devices. However, the RhoMobile Suit consists of RhoElements, RhoStudio and RhoConnect. All the four crucial platforms are supported.
MoSync is an open source software development kit for cross-platform framework, which helps in accessing parts of the native UI system. Use MoSync to develop mobile applications through HTML, CSS, HTML, C/C++ and other programming languages. However, the range of supported platforms includes, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Symbian and more.
Snecha Touch:
Snecha Touch is a UI framework for HTML5-based applications as it can be used for developing apps that works across platforms. This framework has more than 50 built-in components and it built-in MVS system that makes applications responsive and looking like native ones.
jQuery Mobile:
jQuery Mobile is a web framework, which helps is generating UI of apps supporting all the main mobile platforms and desktop browsers. Users can get lots of opportunities like custom theming, numerous standard user, a lightweight code base, platform agnostic UI widgets, touch optimized and platforms and more.
So, these are 6 most popular and highly demanded tools for developing cross-platform applications. All the mobile apps developers can make use of these 6 frameworks and develop any type of application that has maximum number of features.

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