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7 Advanced & Modern Apps for Real Estate Professionals


Gone are the days when people were using maps to get from one place to another or purchasing a CD to just listen to their favorite music while on the road or traveling in the car. Now, it’s time for modern technology to take your experience on the new heights. It’s time for smart-phones to give you unbelievable experience.

These days, most of the people especially businessmen and investors are carrying iPhones, android or any other device to access any information no matter whether it is business or personal related. Across the world, you would millions of people, who are using smart-phones for their business purpose because of the number of business applications that are obtainable on the web.

Apps for Real Estate Professionals

With different business apps, it becomes easily possible for businesses to perform their lots of business transactions and tasks easily. As a real estate professional, you can find a complete range of apps that are designed to assist you in your real estate business.

No matter whether you are an in investor, a real estate agent or simply you are working in the real estate industry; you can make use of below mentioned 7 real estate applications to make your life more easy and productive:

1. MagicPlan

MagicPlan Apps on Google Play

MagicPlan is really very wonderful real estate application that enables users to create custom floors plans by just moving their phone or iPad across the room taking pictures. This application is obtainable for both platforms Android and iOS. The best thing about this application is that you just need to use the camera to move across the room, and it automatically maps out the room.

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2. Glympse

Glympse- Apps on Google Play

Glympse is a highly advanced iOS and android real estate application that is obtainable for free of cost to download. This app allows you to share your location in real-time through Facebook, e-mail, SMS or Twitter. However, this application shares your location for particular time period and then stops. So, send Glympse app to your friends so that they can know that you are on the way.

3. Digital Receipts By Proximiant

Digital Receipts - Apps on Google Play

Being a completely free app for your iPhone and android device, it allows you to instantly beam receipts to your phone wherever you shop. Users of this application just need to tap their smart-phone on the store’s scanner or snap a picture of the receipt with their phone’s camera. Now, with this application it will be easy for you to stay organized which never has been easy.

4. Cards

Cards Apps

When it comes to cards, it is a free iOS application that is mainly design to create and mail beautifully crafted, real greeting cards personalized with your own pictures and text. For each single postcard you send, your Apple ID is charged $2.99. It is completely best and incredible way to develop and main attractive greeting cards.

5. Smartr

Smartr App on iTunes

Smartr is also the best real estate app for Android and iOS users. This is one such excellent app that automatically identified the name as well as contact information for everyone you ever communicate with. Smartr is the only app, which automatically develops rich profiles for all your contacts such as updates from Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, communication history and more.

6. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz App on iTunes

Houzz is really very interesting application by which users can quickly navigate through million high quality pictures of properties so that they can get complete ideas and inspirations for their own properties. However, users need to be careful while scanning their pictures as it can be addicting and make one to spend a lot of money that they have planned.

7. JotNot Scanner

JotNot App on iTunes

JotNot is a highlt advanced and easy to use application, which enables users to their iPhone into a portable scanner in order to share their docs through email, Google Drive, Evernote and many more. You can use in app purchase to upgrade to the Pro version of this app. As the pro version of it has capability to convert scans into PDFs, PNGs and JPEGs and can be emailed these scans or directly upload them to Dropbox.

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So, these are 7 highly advanced and modern real estate applications for all the real estate professionals. Using these apps, professionals can make their life more easy and productive than before. However, you can also develop real estate apps as per your own needs, but ensure that you hire a professional designing guru for real estate apps

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