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Automatically Connect Starbucks and Other wifi Hotspot : Google Wi-Fi Apps


Google, a leading search engine, is working on the latest Wi-Fi app that could take plenty of the hard work out of accessing wireless hotspots. The search giant has created Android and iOS versions of an app that allows users to connect to its free hotspots inside Starbucks stores or wherever they are available, according to some sources.

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Currently, Google is testing the Android app at its Mountain View HQ. It is limited test from Google side, however, it is not confirmed that Google will release it officially or not. It is also heard that Google has discussed linking the app to its level of faster Wi-Fi connections to all 7,000 Starbucks stores in the US by replacing AT&T and connecting Latte-drinkers to ‘Google Starbucks’ hotspots without any button presses system. Right now, Starbucks customers require to search out the access point, open their browser and agree to the terms and conditions.

But, with Google now at the helm, the existing procedures could be abolished in order to add more encrypted access points. Moreover, Google is also thinking to extend its partnership with Boingo in order to extend logins to locations where it’s footing the bill for free wireless.

A user’s Google account could be utilized by this application and install a dedicated security certificate on their device for automatically authenticating devices when a connection is available. Its little fact is that Google was of the first companies to offer free city-wide wireless internet when it introduced Google Wi-Fi in 2006.

Now, the company is rolling out more than 500 streetlight hotspots across Mountain View for providing access to all its residents, but the network struggled to cope with demand due to increase in number of smart device and tablets. Moreover, users must to login with a Google account for accessing the service.

Furthermore, Google is working on the improvement of connectivity to delivers its Wi-Fi service to more locations across the US and Canada.
For that purpose, $600,000 has been already donated by the search giant to equip 31 of San Francisco’s public parks with free Wi-Fi for at least two years.

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Google adds its efforts to solve the spectrum issues by teaming up with Microsoft, Motorola and major cable companies to porch the US government to free up bands for unlicensed uses. Let’s see what plan Google is going to implement to expand its service.

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