How iPad POS Helps you to accelerate your business growth in 2017?

Perception System has come up with a solution this time and it's a point of sale app that runs on your iPad. The solution is brandable & customizable for any business in the category of Retail, Restaurant and Salon.

Apple Has No Plans For Launching iPad Air 3, Focusing on iPad Pro in 2015

Recently, another report has claimed that there is no iPad Air 3 launching plans in near future as the company is focusing on iPad Pro instead of iPad Air. The company delayed the launch of iPad Air. To get more information on it, continue reading this blog.

Top 5 Paid iOS Applications for 2016

Today, Apple’s iOS applications have gained huge attention in the market as everyday many new applications are launched. Some are paid and some are free, but it is recommended to users to download paid iOS applications to enrich their experience.

New “Designing Great Apps” Hub for iOS Developers: Apple

Apple to make it for its developers to find the resources, the company has added a new “Designing Great Apps” hub to developers’ site. It will be helpful for developers to find-out the resources that they want while designing iOS applications.

Review: Stylish Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air

Get a full size keyboard, QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case to your iPad Air with pretty good protection. The QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case has TruType keys that deliver laptop-like typing experience. Get it at $129 only from Belkin with three color option.