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Which Cloud Storage is Best & Affordable in Price?


Recently, Google Drive has reduced its price that boosted the competition among different online storage. With decreasing the price of Google Drive, lots of users are confused between Dropbox, Copy, Box and Microsoft’s OneDrive as the price of these cloud storages stack-up.

Well, we cannot say which cloud storage is best and provide excellent services, because each has its own features – like some are easier to use than others. Among all these cloud storages, most of them have free trails.

However, any storage provider is going to offer you only few gigabytes of space for free so that you can try and stick around. Without discussing more about these cloud storages, we can give a look on few of the major cloud storage providers and how the prices stacks-up.

It is up to select your favorite and most useful cloud storage, but this information can help you to pick one that worth for your needs.

Moreover, there are lots of cloud storage providers, that also provide opportunities to earn free space either by spamming your friends with referral requests or as a part of a promotion with any another company.

In reality, it is also possible to have huge storage without paying a dime. So, let’s give a quick look at different cloud storage




Dropbox is one such online cloud storage that put your stuff in it and allows users to get to it from any computers, tablets and phones.

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Moreover, users can edit documents, and automatically add pictures and show off videos from anywhere.

  • 2GB – Free
  • 100GB – $9.99 a month ($99 if paid yearly)
  • 200GB – $19.99 a month ($199 yearly)
  • 500GB – $49.99 a month ($499 yearly)

Google Drive


When it comes to Google Drive, it is highly durable object storage service that comes with global edge-caching. Users of this online cloud storage will have the fast access to their application’s data from any location. Moreover, your data is confined through outmoded storage at multiple physical locations.

  • 15GB – Free
  • 100GB – $1.99 a month
  • 1TB – $9.99 a month
  • 10TB or more – $99.99 a month

Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud storages that keep your favorite pictures and videos safe and secure, even when something happen to your device. Whenever any user activates camera toll backup to save pictures automatically, one can get an extra 3GB of storage. It is extremely easy and simple to view them anytime and on any device.

  • 50GB – $4.49 a month ($25 if paid yearly)
  • 100GB – $7.49 a month ($50 yearly)
  • 200GB – $11.49 a month ($100 yearly)



Copy is the best online cloud storage that keeps files in sync between your computers and obtainable on your mobile devices, so you always have what you want. It also allows users to share big files or folders without any headache and there are no size limits and no viewing restrictions.

  • 15GB – Free
  • 250GB – $9.99 a month ($99 if paid yearly)
  • 500GB – $14.99 a month ($149 a year)



Box is another wonderful online cloud storage service provider that lets users to store their content online so that one can easily access, manages and share it from anywhere. With Google Apps and Salesforce and access Box on mobile devices, one can integrate box.

  • 10GB – Free
  • 100GB – $10 a month

So, these are different cloud storages with their different prices offering different space to store. You can choose any of the cloud storage service providers as per your need and choice.

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