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Google’s Project Tango phones with Complex Sensors track motion

A prototype Android smartphone, Project Tango phones has been built by Google that has ability to learn and map the surroundings. This latest device already comes to developer’s hand to check whether the capability of technology. According to the Google, this phone will learn the rooms and spaces dimension by being moving around it. Hoping, Google also created a robust map of the world that delivers directions to any given point that needs to be reached.

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Although it is a determined project, shouldn’t have surprise for those, who are coming of the Advanced Technology and Projects group. The leader of Project Tango, Johnny Lee said, “The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.” There are about 200 Project Tango devices that deliver to developers for creating mapping tools, games, and new algorithms that grab benefit of the phone’s sensors. It is expected to send them by March 14th.

This remarkable device works by using a motion tracking camera and depth sensor that built into their backsides. The orientation and nearby things will be detected by the sensors while being moved around and this is thus, the data to create a 3D map of their surroundings. The primary aim is to make detailed indoor maps while secondary Google thinks to speak about other possibilities like Tango for creating more realistic augmented reality games or helps to create visually impaired when they’re navigating an unknown area.

According to Google, technology is still in the beginning stages and soon, it will reach to the millions of people. However, the Advanced Technology and Projects group will have enough resources and time to make this happen. Together with the announcement of Tango, Android chief Sundar Pichai extended a warm welcome of the team by suggesting that they have now fully fallen beneath Google. Furthermore, team is also responsible for Project Ara that hopes to create modular smartphones.

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Google’s Project Tango phones are not only created by Google alone, but various universities and research institutions help them to create such device. For the past year, this project has been in the works at the Advanced Technologies group.

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