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Measure Distances & Areas in Google Maps using Maps Measure


Many times, we wanted to check the distances, but Google Maps doesn’t have had smooth approaches. Yet, the Google has not implemented this feature in its both desktop as well as mobile versions of Maps.

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When it comes to Maps Measure application, it is a new and handy application that allows users to quickly check-up on areas or distances without any hassle even across the world. Moreover, the application’s design is completely best and simple that drops points wherever you want by finding and selecting no matter whether you are looking for the distance between them or the area.

Users of this application are allowed to drop as many points as they want, and they can also go insane with complex polygons wrapping the Earth. At the time of searching across, users are allowed to select satellite or map views and allowed to delete some points in overturn chronological order by beating the trash as it will image close to the top of your screen.

Recently, I have tried this application in order to measure the area of my home and the distance between my home and one restaurant that situated near to my home. And this application seems accurate as it is a non-issue given the performance as of yet.

One of the best things about this application is the fact that is completely free of cost obtainable application with no in-app purchases or ads. Moreover, Android 4.4’s transparent notification bars are completely best that made use of them for applicable users that give the app a complete look.

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So, if you are looking to download this application, it is a best idea as it allows you to measure distances and areas in Google Maps.

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