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Microsoft Soon to Launch Cross-Platform Competent SmartWatch


One of the most popular and highly recognized companies ‘Microsoft’ is also working on a smartwatch type wearable device so that users can enjoy a highly advanced quality smartwatch for their needs.

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To get into the exploding wearables device market, the company is working extremely hard so that it can also stud its legs in the wearables market that currently ruled by Samsung and Apple. Still, the market of wearable devices is extremely young, therefore it is not unthinkable that someone could come and take on the top.

Microsoft’s effort shows to incorporate a few twists that could give it the competitive edge needed to unseat the market leaders. According to the Frobes, the upcoming watch will come with some range of features, including multiple sensors for measuring heart-rate and work across iOS, Android and Windows devices.

We all know that the competition is already boosting in the smartwatch industry with Samsung and Google already jumping into the market. When it comes to Apple, it is reportedly working its own device.

One of the biggest factors that might be the fact is the device probably be cross-platform and has capability of working with a range of devices that powered by iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more. If this will be the fact, this point can make the Microsoft’s smartwatch in a unique position.

Moreover, the sources also say that the device will be able to run for two days without charging that is one of the considering points in this smartwatch. When it comes to talk about the other decision that make this smartwatch apart from competitors, its position of the screen that make this gadget most popular.

Sources also revealed that this smartwatch will be designed in such way, so the screen is worn on the inside portion of the wrist. Basically, the thinking behind it is to enhance privacy over any notifications that popping up. However, the company has not made any announcement till and did not confirm any rumors, but we hope that will launch soon the smartwatch.

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