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Microsoft Offers Remote Desktop App Preview for Windows Phone 8.1 Users


A program manager on the Remote Desktop Team ‘David Belanger’ declared the availability of a new Remote Desktop preview application for Windows Phone 8.1 that can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store.

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Microsoft began to permit you to control a desktop PC from an Android or iOS device last year, but now this time the company has announced that Windows Phone users will get receive the same support.

When it comes to talk about this application, it includes with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 8.1, a connection center for managing a complete list of desktop connections and secure connections through NLA.

Today, the Redmond-based company declared that is rolling out a preview of its Remote Desktop application for Windows Phone users. This application is known as Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app that enables users to control their PC from a Windows Phone device while on the go.

However, this application needs Windows Phone 8.1. It is expected that Windows Phone 8.1 will be released for existing Windows Phone handsets in the next few of months. Therefore, you may need to use the developer preview option in order to play with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application for Windows Phone 8.1.

Moreover, it supports with any Windows computer which has the Remote Desktop option switched on under Control Panel settings. The all new preview app of Microsoft is must similar with the Android and iOS versions of the Remote Desktop application, and it is obtainable on the Windows Phone Store and uses the Remote Desktop Protocol that the company has used in the past.

Furthermore, this application is equipped with lots of tech, so users are allowed to use Windows 8’s multi touch gestures, stream high quality media and more. David Belanger also said, “The Remote Desktop app provides a rich multi-touch experience with RDP and RemoteFX that supports Windows gestures.

He added, “Users can get a rich Windows experience and be productive on their Windows Phone devices because the app uses RDP 8.1 and RemoteFX to provide high fidelity audio and graphics.” Belanger also encourages to the Windows Phone 8.1 users to give the service a try and see what the Windows platform has to provide in such a small space.

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