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Review: Stylish Belkin Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air


The QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case, the latest Belkin’s cases enables you to add a full size keyboard to your iPad Air device along with protecting from damage at same time. Does it stand to the real word’s expectation? Let’s see.

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The QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case is one of the excellent and durable options of Belkin’s for iPad Air. It is noticeable from the first time when you pick it along with iPad Air loaded into it. As iPad Air is light, the additional bulk is manifest. Those device-holders, who are more concerned about security rather than having a sleek care, for them trade-off is worth making.

Regrettably, some people find keyboard layout related issues that it won’t be able to overlook. If you are beginners, you find keys are smaller as compare to other keyboards available for iPad Air. Only some people are looking for such case that allows them to keep the Tablet in case and access in Tablet mode. Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case comes with a signature feature, allowing keyboard portion to be folded back on to the iPad Air or can slide over the keyboard for using your device as a slate.

The hinge mechanism designing for folding the keyboard is quite challenging. Material related to leather is strong enough and flexible as well. Both the keyboard and the iPad Air slide are over than I thought or desired. One can feel things are separating from their hands; however, it totally depends on how you hold. Feeling of holding is a bit uncomfortable.

Talking about the frame, it can easily slide your device into as it especially designed for iPad Air to move in and out easily. This might be an excellent thing. Another interesting thing is this QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case allows you to tilt your iPad Air to any viewing angle you’d like. It comes with three positions with each of marked with small ridges just above the keyboard itself.

Moving towards Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case weighs, it consists 0.9lbs while the keyboard portion is only about 0.27 inches thick. This keyboard is created by mixture of materials like aluminum for the keyboard and connecting hinge. Users can simply made purchase is this Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case from Belkin for $129 or from Amazon. It is available in three basic colors, i.e. Black, White, or Silver.

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Features of QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case

  • Three viewing angles with precision-hold magnets for stability
  • Wireless iPad keyboard and protective case in one
  • Large keys provide a laptop like typing experience
  • SoundFlow design enhances iPad’s audio clarity
  • Offers 160 hours of battery life between charges
  • Fold flat: the keyboard is only 6.4mm thick

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