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10 Reasons That Force You to Choose Ruby on Rails for Web Development


Today we have a big developer community thriving on Java, and similar volume is available for PHP programming projects. Despite two giant contenders, Ruby on Rail or ROR or simply Ruby is emerging as a choice of language for the web and other software development projects.

Do you know that the source code ofTwitter, Basecamp, AirBnB, Shopify, and Dribble are consisting of Ruby? Technically, Ruby on Rails is a software development framework mainly supporting Ruby programming language.

Ruby was developed in 2005 with hard efforts by David H.H., one of the founders of Basecamp. Ruby is considering the cryptic and terse programming language in software developer community and prefers for static software programming project the most. Ruby is following Object-oriented Programming paradigms and used in many dynamic programming projects too.

The powerful framework Rails in ROR is becoming Ruby a powerful combination for modern programmers. However, following qualifications render ROR as an emerging and growing the web and mobile software programming language.

No.1: Comparatively Fast

ROR framework can significantly boost the speed of web development because:

  • ROR gives a cleaner code base with less redundant code
  • It allows reuse of existing code and components so developers can avoid reinventing wheel again-and-again by developing the same from the scratch
  • ROR prefers convention over configurations and saves developers to configuring files for set up
  • It makes things easy when developers go from one project to another because ROR web developers can utilize the same code, architecture, structure, and programming practices
  • It also makes changing developers on a project easy or more developers can join in the midst of the project if it required
  • Developers need not decide on the defaults that already present, just think of tweaking them as per need
  • Ruby is OOP language and open source so ROR developers can use extensive collection of source code templates available in the community ROR framework can absorb changes easily, so it is ideal for rapid application development project

No.2: Cost Efficient

Writing code in Ruby means, writing in English. It increases the speed of coding and cut timeline of the ROR development project considerably. Moreover, it is open source and comes with free of charge licenses.

These attributes make ROR web development cost-effective. Rails is a powerful web development framework for SMB to enterprise level projects. It has all tools to automate tons of tasks and cut significant sections of the entire project.

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Ruby on Rails helps web designers and web developers to focus on specific problems and their solutions, instead of messing into the framework itself. Thus, it speeds up development greatly.

No.3: Fosters Productivity

Technically, Rail is a self-documenting framework. Therefore, developers from other programming platforms can pick up any project based on ROR and know what has been done to it.

Moreover, readability of code is awesome and highly comprehensive. It makes team collaboration far easier and quick. The project re-assignment is another feature in productivity improvements.

In short, Ruby on Rails helps developers to launch web apps within a short schedule and time frame. The evidence of the power of ROR is web giants including GitHub, Slideshare, and Goodreads.

No.4: Open Source

It is open source project, and we know the ultimate benefits of open source. Free licensing and free to download source code are immediate attractions of ROR open source project.

It works on any operating system and browser, so compatibility is not an issue with Ruby on Rails web development project. Moreover, it has huge developer community ready to help others to resolve issues immediately.

Enough documents, forums, and blogs are learning resources besides exchanging thoughts and experiences on ROR designing and ROR programming topics.

No.5: Flexible

Ruby on Rails framework has enough tools to make modification on the existing web app. The additions of new features, changes in data models, and tweaking the project code is easy in ROR web project.

It eases updates and maintenance of ROR web app project with adequate speed and flexibility. Thus, the flexibility of ROR platform saves time and money for investors and web developers a lot.

No.6: Easy to Learn

Ruby has simple English-like syntax. It is very native and logical, so any level of software developer can grasp its fundamental and start coding. It has great readability that makes ROR almost self-documenting.

It helps developers to avoid writing separate comments or help texts. Moreover, ROR prefers conventions over configuration, so it saves developers to remember the details regarding configuration files and code.

No.7: Built on Principles of Good Development

ROR is a powerful framework because it provides the best ways to do web design and programming. Rails follow Representational State Transfer (REST), so it helps developers to organize application around the resources and standard HTTP verbs.

ROR follows responsible development practices. Thus, developers can start with a manageable chunk of code, share ownership, deal with vertical slices, and focus on three “Cs”-Compact, Clean, and Comprehensive coding practices.

No.8: Powerful Framework – Rails

ROR is emphasizing DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) programming practices and prevent ROR developers to reinventing the wheel again-and-again.

For instance, ROR encouraging automated testing over manual testing, which is repetitive in nature. Thus, it saves time, resources, and money spends on ROR project.

No.9: Impressive Language – Ruby

Ruby is a pretty impressive programming language. It incorporates excellent solutions from a static programming language. Ruby also combines the excellent characteristics of dynamic language.

The Object Oriented Programming nature of ROR saves developers to do a lot of coding and achieve intended targets quickly.

No.10: Supportive Community

The supports on a proprietary programming language is a costly affair while on open source, it is totally free of charge experience. ROR has a large developer community to support willingly and through a variety of ways.

ROR community helps you through email, forums, blogs, live chats, social media, and on instant messengers.

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We have seen many advantages of ROR framework and Ruby language in the current post. Unfortunately, no language is perfect for all projects! It depends on the nature of the project, technological requirements, and skills of developers.

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