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Top 5 Paid iOS Applications for 2016


Apple’s app store is full-of applications as the store has all types of applications for its users irrespective of type and category. Today, iOS users can find numerous paid and free applications on Apple app store and download any application as per their requirement to expand the capability of their device.

Well, downloading free applications is not good every-time as you can find free iOS apps that are cheap in quality, features, functionalities and performance. As a result, downloading paid iOS applications in the device is a great option for users.

However, selecting the best apps from the cosmos of paid applications obtainable at the app store is quite difficult for users, so to ease the task of selecting, here we have listed top 5 paid iOS apps for 2016.

Tweetbot 2 – £2.99


Tweetbot is rich-features iOS application with a lot of personality. Being a full-featured application, it offers meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation and other features like smart gestures, multiple timelines and more. Using this application, users can get multiple time-lines and quickly switch between their lists as their main timeline.

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Crestron Mobile Pro – $99.99


Crestron Mobile Pro is a home automation application that enables users to control entertainment and environmental systems from their iPhone and iPad. Today, it is the most useful application that known for using 3G or Wi-Fi communication to keep the user connected in the home, office and on the road. It also offers greater power and flexibility t control your whole house like pre-set audio, home entertainment and more.

Fantastical 2 – $3.99


Fantastical 2 is an award-winning calendar application that has been redesigned and re-imagined for iOS 7 like new features including a new week view, reminders and more. By looking at the features of this app, we can say that it is the best replacement app for the iPhone’s stock calendar application. Currently, Fantastical 2 is the new favorite iOS app of many iOS users worldwide. It is a great app as it works reliably and more importantly, it made managing schedule easily.

VIP Black – $999.99


VIP Black is one of the best and expensive iOS applications that especially designed to make rich guys feel more special. However, this application involves a special attention that is paid to each user. Being ‘The Millionaire’s App’, VIP is the exclusive and high-end version of iVIP that gives a special attention each paid user. Though, the user of this app has to certify that he/she has income over one million GBP because the developer of this application has branded it as a Millionaire’s App.

Gneo – $9.99


When it comes to Gneo, it is a great iOS application that helps you to take action with your to-dos by prioritizing all the things that you need to get done. Through this app, one can involve in true productivity doing accurate things at accurate times. This application is extremely powerful in terms of features and the headliner of Gneo is the predict view, which helps you keep track of all the things that you are looking for with your calendar appointments.

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So, these are the top 5 paid iOS applications of 2016 that iOS users should download in their device to extend the capabilities of device. Using above mentioned find iOS apps, users can get a never-forgetting experience. However, users can also get their desired app that has their required features, but they need to hire iOS app developer from any well-known iPhone application development company.

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