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15 WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Improve Admin Area


WordPress admin area is something where you spend most of your time in creating content and managing your website.

Undoubtedly, you require a dashboard integrated with essential plug-ins. These plug-ins help you to manage the dashboard, enhance blogging experience and save huge time to manage your website.

So, check out list of available WordPress Dashboard Plugins and download your favorites to improve admin area.

Broken Link Checker

Having this plug-in in your WP CMS enable to start parsing your posts, bookmarks, etc. and looking for links. It takes some minutes to several hours to complete the task, depends on the site’s size.

Once parsing is completed, Broken Link Checker starts checking each link and verify whether it works or not. Users can easily monitor the progress and tweak various link checking options with Settings >> Link Checker.

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Development Theme Test

Development and staging environments is must for developing website. It is advisable to avoid making changes directly to the live site.

WordPress enables author to create pages and preview and edit it without publishing. However, when it comes to theme, we didn’t find any tools.

Thus, installing Development Theme Test plug-in is the best option as it develops themes without disrupting user experience.


Redirection is another remarkable WordPress plugin that used for managing 301 redirections, and keep track of 404 errors.

This plug-in is useful when you are migrating pages from old websites or going to change the directory of your WordPress installation.

Error Log Dashboard Widget

No configuration is needed to install this plug-in. Installing Error Log Dashboard Widget enables to check error logs right within your WordPress dashboard.

Users don’t have to log into their hosting to check error logs, once they have installed this widget.

WP Admin Bar Reloaded

An indispensable WordPress plugin, WP Admin Bar shows links to the Administration Panel at the top of the blog’s page – for those users, who are logged in and have permission to see the given functions.

Keyword Statistics

Optimize your WordPress blog for search engines by installing Keyword Statistics. It automatically generates Meta Information such as keyword, description, etc. that required for SEO of your blog.

Simple Tags

Simple Tags is one of the best tools for managing your WP tags in the most convenient ways. This plug-in is better known for best performance, secured and provides more functions.

Plugin Manager

Add Plugin Manager in your WordPress and view, download and install any plug-ins from through an AJAX’ed interface rather than downloading, extracting and uploading each plugin manually.


WassUp is the latest WordPress plugin used for tracking visitors in real-time. It comes with a readable and fancy admin console that enables to track your blog’s users visits.

Installing this plug-in let you know what your visitors do when they surf your blog. It also enables you to provide a chronology of your blog’s visits with a lot of details for each single user session.


Install StatPress and collect statistics information immediately. Having this plug-in enables to users to spy their visitors when they are surfing their blogs. It also provides information about which are visitor’s preferred pages, posts and categories.

A widget is also available in StatPress that can be added to a sidebar.

WP Security Scan

This plug-in scans WordPress installation for security vulnerabilities and provides suggestions for corrective actions.

  • database security
  • version hiding
  • passwords
  • file permissions
  • removes WP Generator META tag from core code
  • WordPress admin protection/security


Installing Googlyzer enables you to check your Google analytics stats without leaving the WordPress dashboard. This plug-in also saves your time in long run as you don’t have to switch of other tab for analytics.

This plug-in automatically loads Google Analytics async tracking code in header/footer with customizable options. It also displays chart metadata, individual charts, and tables, or hide, historic data comparison for linecharts, etc.

Search Regex

This is one of the best plug-in to install as it adds search and replace functions to the WordPress. It allows to search and replace data that stored in your website. It also comes with a full power of PHP’s regular expressions

Download Monitor

Download Monitor is another fabulous plug-in that used for uploading and downloading, displaying links and tracking download hits. It needs WordPress version 2.5 or above to install.

WordPress automatic upgrade

WordPress Automatic Upgrade allows a user to automatically upgrade the WordPress installation to the latest one provided by using the 5 steps provided in the WordPress upgrade instructions.

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These are some of the best WordPress Dashboard plug-ins that surely enhances admin area. If you are thinking to develop such types of WordPress plug-ins then contact Perception System with your project’s details.

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