Case Study : Web & Mobile Social Networking Application Development

What was the client expecting from Perception System?

The client was looking for an ideal web development partner, that can deliver something more than standard social media networking sites. This social media networking concept involves three innovative integrations namely – a storybook, timeline, and a journal.

It demanded the active involvement of seasoned web developers who had adequate experience in social networking portal development along with the required innovative feature integration.

Perception System proved to be an ideal web development company in the eyes of the client.

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How did Perception System evaluate the client’s needs?

We took a bit of a different approach while evaluating their requirements. We asked the client to produce ideal examples of similar websites or applications and ran a survey, asking them segregate various relevant features and selecting the most appropriate ones.

It worked beautifully, and we finally had an outline of all the features we were going to integrate in the application.


  • The client wants to provide a central place for Lugelo users to share their experiences with the brand using storytelling techniques in a storybook.
  • Brand users could write stories using texts, images, and other multimedia formats including audio and video to augment them further.
  • Brands should be able to pick interesting and relevant stories from the social media and place those on its timeline to stay there longer.
  • Brands can use stories as promoted posts as well as get insights into products.


  • The brand has powerful features to bring various story formats on its timelines, such as Snapchat stories, WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories, YouTube reels, Facebook stories, Skype highlights, Medium series, and much more.
  • Enable brands to add interesting milestones from its brand history or product history.
  • Possible to create walkthrough history from milestone posts.
  • The timeline should support album or gallery formats.

Genuine approach taken by the Social Network Application Development Team at Perception System

The client selected Perception System as its Social Network Application Development partner and wanted an app and a website exclusively attached with the USA and its regional culture. Therefore, our web developers took the right approach to beat the challenge.


Our social networking web developers, designers and business analysts, analyzed the project requirements & considered all client-side expectations precisely.

Project Planning

We prepared a detailed project plan according to the client’s needs and set up milestones as well as deliverables according to the scope of work.

Project architecture

Perception System put additional efforts to define the architecture for the challenging social networking website.

Wireframe & Prototypes

Our web development team created wireframes and prototypes with an aim to design an innovative social networking web portal.

Designing & Programming

Perception System came up with an intuitive design for the complex web portal with required scalability, security, and user experience

social networking portal development
social networking website development

How We Reached a Viable Solution?

Our Journey towards the solution was highly challenging and our web development team learnt a lot of lessons. We had finally hit the following objectives successfully –

Creation of Storybook

We empowered end-users to create interesting stories around the brand product experiences using text, image, and multimedia content.

Creation of Timeline

We created the web portal in such a way that it allows brands to integrate relevant and inspiring stories from the storybook to the brand page timeline or simply publish as a post on Lugelo.


We have enabled brands and end-users to invite friends and other contributors to contribute in meaningful ways, share the contributions, and garner social Likes.

Support & Maintenance

We have also offered comprehensive support and post-development maintenance services to ensure the smooth running of the website throughout its lifecycle.

Striking Features Included in the iOS and Android Apps


Storybook modules with rich tools to create interesting and inspiring stories using multimedia content.


Modules to capture memorable moments and setup them on the timeline.


Automatic invitation sending tools to invite friends to contribute using various channels.

Technologies We Used in the Website Development

We have used the following technologies, frameworks, and tools to achieve desired success.


React JS



The Final Result
Milestones and deliverables

We worked on each segment of the website very precisely, tested each module thoroughly, and delivered website well within the scheduled timeline.


The website achieved quick adoption among the regional and international users and reached 20K+ users within a short span.


We delivered the social networking website successfully and provided a satisfactory level of maintenance & support.

Client’s Feedback

“The social media web portal developers at Perception System, San Jose, USA had quickly grasped the concepts for storybook, timeline, and journal. They have applied the latest social media development technologies like Python, React JS, and Hadoop like NoSQL database solution to cope with Big Data challenges. They have honored our time-to-market requirement and continuously delivered modules as per set milestones even severe refactoring request made from our side. Regular reporting from the project manager was the thing we liked the most. Conclusively, they have pleased Kenyan social media fans with the high quality system and attracted 20K+ users at the initial stage.”