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5 Key Points for Android Developers to Stand with Best Custom App


Presently, the app industry is booming as the world has entered a mobile age. There was about $53 billion global app economy in 2012 and it will be expected to about $143 billion by 2016. Every developers work to get a piece of the digital pie, however, few will achieve their goals. We know a collection application is available to the App store so if you become stand out from others, you have to create exceptional application. In this post, we have listed some important points for beginners that they should consider before start with development process.

Hard to Generate Organic Users

Discoverability is one of the biggest challenges Android app developers are facing. It becomes more difficult to create organic users as uncountable number of mobile applications is available in each category of the app stores.

If you want to make your application more visible, you just have to add effort into app store optimization techniques. Ensure to give high attention to the app name, icon, description and screenshots

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Fake is Not Considered as Genuine Form of Flattery

People will surely copy you, if you give them a good product. So, it increases the probability of being ripped off exponentially. This is the reality of multi-industry reality and it is must for you to create application by keeping this in your mind. A strong launch is bit difficult, if you know possess an excellent product.

A high visibility only occurs when you attract the initial loyal user base and thus, you will be on the top. Keep in mind, if you have more active users, your application secures its position in the store. Lastly, those users become your paying customers.

Find Faults before Launching

Before launching your application ensure to solve the problem that occurred in future. No doubt, uncountable number of applications are available that end up by topping the charts, but don’t stay there. Moreover, you can also tell some latest news about a cool new product as people love to hear new things first and if they find interesting, they can share among their friends and colleagues.

Don’t Play with the Rules to Go Viral

Developers think reaching on the chart is only option to get organic results. This is not so true. Developers shouldn’t be shy to pay amount for buying some downloads as going viral is rare. Make some investment and target your audience, contact a solid network, and get those users. it is must to launch a strong start. You can also try new monetization solutions with some creative juices.

Launch Your App at Best Time

Choosing the right moment for launching a mobile application delivers a good result in the form of downloads. For example: if you are launching traveling app then launch in the month of November-December or June-July as more people are traveling in these months.

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Above are some helpful tips that help novice Android Apps developer to make application faultless and popular among developers as well. If you want to know more about development tips then stay tuned with us.

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