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7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your X-cart Store For Your Customers


Today, all the e-commerce merchants are taking every single opportunity to persuade the information starvation of their shoppers like pop-ups, ads, newsletters, detailed product images and descriptions, phone support, live to chat and more.

Every e-commerce merchant is trying to serve what his customers are looking for as they may convert them into buyers. If the merchant of an e-store knows how their customers are looking for the information, he can make his e-store accordingly so that he can provide in-depth information.

For betterment of customers, merchants can also set-up and configure his store to deliver right information on the right page and the right moment.

Stephann Makri and Tony Russell both have planned a model of information behavior that based on the requirements of all the users of consumer-oriented sites and search apps. If you are looking to search for it, you can find it in their work “Designing for Consumers Search Behavior”.

In this post, you can find some basic information to optimize your X-cart store for six patterns of information seeking. Here, you can find information about three lower-level “lookup” models such as locate, verify and monitor, three “learn” models such as compare, understand and explore and three sophisticated “investigate” models such as evaluate, analyze and synthesize. Without discussing more, let’s have a look on these seven ways to optimize your X-cart store for six patterns of information seeking:


When it comes to describing this term according to Russell-Rose and Makri, explore means investigating the data collection for the reason of knowledge discovery. Well, in this simple word, we can say that the user in this mode is browsing the site casually.

E-commerce merchants of X-cart store can also use features like bestsellers, related products, customers also bought in order to boost the chances of searching something interesting for all those customers, who are lazy. There are lots of such features obtainable on the web, so one can use to enhance the store without investing any money.

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Facebook-Like Scrolling

When it comes to Facebook-Like scrolling, merchant can use it if he has lots of categories with many products. Considering this option for a lazy customer, who is looking through the categories in a hurry, is a great option.

Facebook-Like Scrolling


We all know that pop-up is one such thing that grabs the attention of all the customers for some seconds. Therefore, it is a great choice to use pop-ups as it has a far better impact compare to communication through sidebars or banners. Pop-up anywhere is the best option as it allows users to display promotion messages, special offers and other pop-ups with different content.


 F-Commerce Go

Today, there are various X-cart merchants, who use f-commerce Go in order to interact with their customers. We all know that Facebook fans as well as their engagement are extremely important factors in SEO for website.

F-Commerce Go


Locate is one such step that required to take when the customer has opened the store and tries to search for the particular item using the website’s search feature or site’s navigation menu. It is most important that you give your customers what he is looking for.

Merchant can facilitate the items’ search-ability because the customer in this mode is looking for particular product. Therefore, it is essential that your site’s search offer most relevant results to your customers.

Cloud Search


For X-cart users, this module is not far to seek as it supports both features. Moreover, this module also provides suggestions on the fly.

The best thing about this module is that it searches not only by products, but it also searches by categories, brands; static pages – however, if there is any relevant exists in your store; the customer will find it.

Refine Filters


Many times, for customers, who has some kind of idea like what he is looking for like price, color, size, brand, category or any other custom criterion, but they don’t have an idea about the name of the product ‘Refine Filters’ is a great tool that can be to used to navigate and search.


In the Verify step, it is confirmed that your visitor has found the product, and he needs to verify that it meets some particular criteria. Hence, e-commerce merchants need to ensure that their product description must be informative, and you also need to remember that Google is more interested in unique test, therefore, take your time to write.

You should also highlight the important features or in bold, image zoom, add detailed pictures, attach downloadable manuals and specs.
Today, you can find there are lots of apparel, shoes and other stores that offer a custom feature – the thumbnails on the product list page rotate once the visitor hovers his mouse over it.

Therefore, one can take a look at both front as well as back view and can take his own decision that whether he likes it or not. There is one more advice is that instead of listing the features like ingredients – Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sweet Almond Oil, Goat Milk Whey, Essential or more.

You should mention how your product can be used and what type of problems it solves and more. At-last, it is also best that you add a video in the product description as it will be more helpful.


There are some customers, who already have found the products that they are looking for, but they delay their purchase. Simply say that the item is out of stock.

At such situation, both, you and your customer can win the situation if you have back in stock or price is down notifications, if the hot items are listed in a special “On Sale” category or if the customer is alerted once the item is low-stock.

You may also stir up the interest to particular items with the help of “Don’t miss out” feature when the store is especially crowded.When any customer is monitoring the products, a store administrator may also interest in monitoring his customers especially abandoned carts.

At one place, it can give a suggestion that whether the check-out workflow is suitable or not.


If your customer found the product and mostly he like it, but still he is not sure, so this is exactly what you need: is it really better than others? You can provide your customers comparing feature – what differentiates it from the other alike.

If you are customers found your product better than other, he will surely purchase. A convenient and suitable comparison tool can be used that allows your customers to evaluate your product with others.


According to Tony Russell-Rose & Stephann Makri, understanding is generating independent imminent by interpreting patterns within the data set. It is one such place, where your customer forms his own opinion about your product. However, it is cerebral processes that can’t be intrude in, but lots of other reviews of the customers, who purchased this product before and mentioned it as wonderful may become a very lust ground for positive attitude.

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To sum-up

When it comes to boosting the conversions, it is an ongoing task that requires knowledge and endurance. If you are looking forward to finding out that whether this change work or not, experimenting is the simplest ways. However, you can also find that X-Cart team has developed numerous improvements.

These are the simple ways to optimize your X-Cart store. If you find it difficult to do by your own, you can contact us for any type of X-cart store related solutions. Our programmers, who have hands-on experience in open source shopping cart solutions such like X-cart shopping cart solutions.

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