Why Laravel becomes an Excellent Choice of PHP framework for Industry

PHP is a versatile server-side script and tough the code is to manage when the project size goes inflated. Therefore, frameworks are essential for PHP developers to do things quickly and organized ways. At present, PHP frameworks are varying in capacities, features, and tools.

Fast Track Your Business with our PHP Coding Standard and Practices

Perception System is a leading PHP Development Company with big applauds in the market for its high quality PHP code and efficiencies of outputs. It is because we used to follow the best coding practices prevailing in PHP development market and follow international standards.

7 Questions to Ask PHP Developers While Hiring Them

If you want to filter real talent for your PHP development project, you must ask essential questions during the interview to gauge the capacity of PHP developer.

PHP 7.2 – Things You Absolutely Cannot Afford To Miss

PHP 7.2 release has come with a lot of new things that we hardly can ignore to take notice and implementing in our next PHP 7.2 web development project. Here, we have discussed a few important points, in short, to encourage PHP developers to go through the details and code examples to implement in their next projects.

Best PHP Frameworks 2019: Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony vs CakePHP

Are you searching for the best PHP frameworks to use?PHP is used by 82% of majority web server and its frameworks are widely popular among developers. So, if you are looking for remarkable framework to use for your next development project then have a glance at listed given in this post.

CakePHP v/s Laravel – Which is Best Web App Framework To Choose?

Are you getting confused in choosing web application framework for your project? Don’t panic more. In this infographic, we have compared two best frameworks for you to choose the right for your web app development project.

Ruby vs PHP – Which is Preferable? (Infographic)

Are you getting confused in choosing one of the best programming languages between Ruby on Rails and PHP? Do you want to know secrets of both the language before choosing one? Have a glance at this infographics and aware yourself about details of PHP and RoR.

Which is More Powerful, Python or PHP in 2017? (Infographic)

Are you going to begin with the web development project? If yes, which langauge you will choose PHP or Python? Have confusion? No worries, you can check-out this infographic and see neck-to-neck comparison between both the languages! However, if you want to hire PHP developer for your project, you can contact us!

PHP vs Java vs Python – Which Programming Language Better to Learn First?

Wanted to learn a programming language? But you don't have information that which language you should learn first? Maybe you will ask professional developers for any recommendations and you will get different answers.

PHP v/s Asp.net – Which Language is More Influencing 2017?

As we all know that there are several programming languages that used for web designing, but two most powerful programming languages are PHP and ASP.NET. But out of these two languages, which one is more influencing or ruling the market. Let’s have a look on this infographic and decide!

15 Best Practices of PHP Development for Beginners

Do you want to learn some of the best practices of PHP? Check out this post as it attempts to teach you the best practices of the most widely used programming languages, PHP.

Daily Developer's Activity – From Wake To Sleep

The life of developers is bit difficult as they have to work from morning to night. Noting their whole day activities, we have created graphical presentation of developer to know the other people about their hard work.

5 Most Popular PHP Framework To Use – According to Google Trends

Searching for some popular PHP framework for your project? In this infographics, the top 5 PHP frameworks are presented according to Google Trends, with unique and very interesting information.

PHP vs JAVA : Who Win?

Many people ask me almost every week or so: Which one is better between PHP and Java? I come with their solution and discussed each of important points that show which language is better than other. Read this post and know every detail of both the programming languages.

Confused In Hiring Developer For PHP Project? Follow 6 Points to Make Decision

Do you have a PHP project? Are you searching for talented PHP professional? Read this article and follows 6 essential points while choosing dedicated PHP developers for your business task.

Finding Difficulty in Hiring PHP Developers? 5 latest Hiring Steps of 2016

Number of PHP developers rises with every new dawn of 2016. It becomes difficult to hire professional developer, who delivers outcomes according to latest running technology. So, here we come with 5 most effective hiring steps to appoint programmers, who are capable to fulfill your project’s desire.

Make Your Development Work Efficient to Follow Fundamental PHP Programming Rules

PHP application development is all buzz for ethical or proper PHP development criticizing the “quick and dirty” practice of poor coding, purposeless and disposable code.