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5 Effective Steps to Hire Talented PHP Developers


PHP is the most powerful programming language for developing feature-rich websites and web applications. No doubt, numerous collections of open source applications available for PHP that enhance requirements of PHP programmer at the high peak.

Do you know it is must to hire PHP developer, if you want to develop a professional PHP based site? YES… Let me tell you there are many PHP developers available in the IT department, from beginners to experts.

Increase in number of developers makes us confuse to choose appropriate programmers/developers for our project. So, let’s make your task easier by discussing 5 easy steps to hire PHP developer.

Write Your Requirements and Ask For Reference

At the beginning stage, you have to do some homework and create a plan regarding your requirements to hire PHP programmers. After being ready with your Project requirements, you have to ask for references from your colleague or friends regarding expert who already have worked for them.

Finding a perfect developer is one of the daunting tasks as we have to consider many factors like experience, expertise, etc. So, it would be best to ask some sample of their current work to know their ability.

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Qualification, Experience and Expertise

Qualification, Experience and Expertise are three important points that we have to consider while searching for perfect professional for our business. Choosing expert from the well-known web development firm is best as they have team of professional, who have expertise in different languages such as PHP, ASP.Net, ASP and many.

It would be best for your requirements to hire a dedicated and expert developer in that particular language that matches with the project’s requirements. Many a time, we find programmers with list of certificate, but ensure to look his/her work not certification as you have to done your project practically. Programmer’s certify doesn’t displays their abilities or skills of particular language.

Grasping and Understanding Ability

One cannot find CS graduate or a Zend Certified professional as PHP is one of the easiest languages to learn. There are many people, who have hobby to learn poor coding practices while some have capability to become different from others.

In this situation, you have to ensure to find programmers that have ability to understand specification sheet, product design modeling, user stories, etc. that you have created.

Ask For Portfolio

No matter, whether you PHP programmers has 5+ years of experience or 10+ years of, it is must to ask for latest coding they he/she has done for clients. This can ensure you about the awareness of current technologies that they have. Moreover, you can also ask for some portfolio that tells their success stories.

You can also ask for project that related to your project. For Example: if your business is related to real estate, ask him/her for sample related to real estate.

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Test Your Chosen Professional

It is sure that you cannot engage with only one PHP developers for our project. You also find some alternatives as well. Now, it’s time to test all of them by asking your project related questions.

You can also ask the programmer to write a simple function or code snippet that does incredible for your project. After testing their coding knowledge, simple compare pricing, delivery time and other related aspects of PHP web development.

Hiring PHP programmers from the reliable web development company makes you satisfied with perfect work.