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Benefits of Creating E-commerce Websites with nopCommerce


nopCommerce development is one of the fastest growing development platform of the eCommerce sector that comes with remarkable features and functionalities. Recent days, most of online merchants prefer this development platform for launching their e-commerce website as it helpful to reach them to their potential clients.

There is no doubt, e-commerce becomes a trend today and every online merchant wants to adopt it as they have idea that internet is one of the amazing medium to bring lots of business by selling products/services among the people. Many eCommerce platforms are popular in the market, including Joomla, Zencart and Magento, but nopCommerce is one such platform that created its place faster than others.

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Based on ASP.NET 4.0, it is an open source e-commerce solution that mostly preferable by web developers. There are many reasons that make nopCommerce a leading platform in the market. Let’s see what they are. Firstly, developers like this platform due to its easy installation process.

“it also supports mobile device and can have capability to add unlimited amount of products into the software”

Setting up nopCommerce is one of the easiest and quickest things. It also runs within minutes. Coming with free of cost, it can be downloaded from internet. Moreover, it also supports mobile device and can have capability to add unlimited amount of products into the software.

Both categories and manufacturers are supported by nopCommerce and developers can also able to add subcategories as well. One of the best things about this platform is developers can easily add single products into multiple categories. It is excellent as there are some products that come in two or more categories.

If we are looking to its check out process, we find that it is blessed with anonymous checkout process that is best for those people, who don’t want to disclose their personal information. This anonymous checkout comes with single page that ensure visitors that they are not interrupted that in turn lead to greater conversions.

Moreover, it offers multilingual and multi-currency support along with some coolest features that allows merchants to create a global e-commerce brand. Apart from, Real time currency exchange rates are also available that gives information about how much amount customers are paying for in their own currency.

nopCommerce development also allows data to export or import in an XML or Excel. Some of the powerful features like live chat integration and W3C compliance, Twitter authentication, PDF order receipts Open ID, Facebook, etc. are also available in this eCommerce platform. If we are looking at the some navigation features, we find an excellent breadcrumb structure that helpful for defining your product at the most convenient ways along with product attribute and product tags features.

nopCommerce solution has ability to develop website more appealing for search engines to index and crawls. This platform also comes with the product feed feature that allows products to upload new products into product search engines like Yahoo shopping, Google’s Froogle and many more.

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Having this eCommerce platform for your site, it allows online merchants to stay true to its visitors with every latest updates that made through customization. Lastly, this platform definitely provides you remarkable e-commerce website, if you are using it precisely.

If you are thinking to adopt nopCommerce development service for your eCommerce business, there are many eCommerce development company, providing excellent nopCommerce solution at the most competitive rate. To know more about nopCommerce or any eCommerce development platform, click Below Image.

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